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Online invitations are quite common now a days and people are interested in preparing different kind of online invitation for their parties and functions. Using online sites we have the ability to prepare different kind of invitations with various designs and colors and send it to our friends through email. 

We can prepare our invitations based on the function. If we conducting a function for our kid, we can use kid items like dolls, toys, cartoons as the object of the invitation and design it based on our creativity. If we are creating an invitation for a marriage we can design it with various flowers and with traditional look. Different kind of options are available in online as well as lot of software and programs are available to design our invitation. 

Recently one of my friend celebrated his daughters tonsure and ear boring function and he send his invitation through email. He designed it using an online site and simply sent it to his friends through email. By creating this kind of invitations we save a lot of money, as well as the invitation reach the person quickly. 

We can send our invitation one day before to the function without more hesitation. If we use the normal mail, we must send the invitation soon, as well as we have to worry about whether our invitation reached the person properly or not, while using online invitation, we don’t have this kind of worries, as well as our invitation will reach the person in a fraction of second wherever he lives. 

I too planned to create an online invitation for my son’s b’day celebration and invite all my friends through online. It is quite easy and effective. We send normal invitations during our son’s baby shower. But this time we planned to create an online invitation and send it to all my friends using email. Hope all my friends will like this new idea and unique concept of the celebration

What is your opinion about this kind of online invitations? Do you ever created this kind of online invitation for any function? Do you think it is better than creating normal invitations? Are you interested in creating this kind of online invitations for your celebrations?


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