How To Make GP in Runescape 2Million+

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The first method is to kill frost dragons this will pocket you a maximum of 2mil an hour if you are using a yak. this is not as effective as if you are not using a pack yak you will be  making the tiny sum of 800k compared to the amazing 2000k.


-CB above 110+ (Recommended)

Dungeoneering 85 (NEEDED)

-Starting Money (100k) Needed for potions and Anti dragon shield.

-Dwarf Cannon (Pockets that maximum 2mil a lot faster so more profit)

-Anti Fire Shield (NEEDED!!!)



Changing Oak Logs To oak Planks, this only pockets you the small sum of 300k/hourly but it requires no skill except the logs and if you can get hold of them they you can make some good money. All you basically do is go to varrock bank, run to the lumber mill and change your logs to planks, then go back to the bank and repeat this process.


The Quest that allows you to use the lumber mill


Do you have the ability to kill a lot of things with around 70cb and want to net 500k/hourly along with some exp? then this will probably be the one for you. all you need to do is kill green dragons and you can make abitof cash and some xp on the side, how can you go wrong?


-Cb 70+ (recommended)


-Anti Dragon Shield (NEEDED!!!)

-Anti-Fire Potion


This method takes a lot of time and patcience because this one only pockets you 70k/hour so this one is the smallest amount of money you can get but its also the easiest one as no requirements are needed except runescape membership which is $7.95 Monthly which is about £3.25. This can be bought via paypal and other way of purchasing over the internet, they also except phone transactions. So all you need to do for this method is to go to catherby near seers village and you will see the flax fields right next to it. you must collect the flax, and then go to seers village bank and bank it. You must keep repeating this process.


*Gather the flax and then spin it to make string*




Spinning flax is probably the worst profit maker, only making 90k/hour all you do is change flax into string and you gain crafting xp and the 90k you do this in lumbrige castle there will be a spinning wheel on the second floor and a bank on the third floor you collect the flax from the third floor and spin it on the second floor and then go back to the bank and bank your string whilst collecting more flax.


-level 10 Crafting


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