Earthquake Detector Work And Use

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Earthquake detector home security device can be useful because it alerts you to the earthquake in a few seconds before you can. During the two types of earthquake waves emitted from the center: a small wave and dangerous waves. Small wave quickly, so that the first indications of the event, if your home is located a few kilometers from the center.

An earthquake detector in combination with other devices such as gas valve can work. This device is very sensitive to the lever which includes a spring hooked. By the weight of a lever at the end of the M8 screw fixed. Resonate with a frequency about 2 Hz, this lever must. When the sensor shakes, the M3 is a lever on a fixed horizontal spring abutment screw, and the circuit delay – to the piezoelectric buzzer will stop it.

 Related Parts

• Plastic board, solid material, the depth of 15 millimeters

• Plastic lever crooked, about 120 ° total length of 10 cm In

•  Bearings, 4 – 9 millimeter in diameter

•  Washers, brass (suggested but not required)

Earthquake Detector Formula 1

  •  Make holes on the plastic board is’ springs anchor (attach three M3 screws) bolts to 3 millimeters diameter in feet; the lever fulcrum (attach an M4 screw) to 4 millimeters in diameter.

  •  In this side diameter feet by 9 feet 8 millimeters diameter in millimeters of depth on the drill a lever on both sides of a bearing housing.

  • The spring lever on the anchor bolt (M3 screw) in the hole.

  • The hole for the screw on the lever switch.

  • Attach a weight at the end of the lever (I used a screw nut) with an M8 screw.


Earthquake Detector Formula 2

• affix the springs and self lock lever on the board using a screw nut.

• Put washers on both bearings (I used brass washers).

• Are the bearings on the M4 screw nut is tight; otherwise the lever may not be sensitive.

• Attach the wire to the lever spring static anchor bolt.

• The switch lever spring anchor screw for moving the bolt (you’ll see the Red wire jumper) Connect.

• Attach the horizontal wire spring.

• Delay – the failure of the free are going to connect to dissolve the bell circuit.

It works fine, although some details need to be corrected.


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