The Telescope

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Zeiss telescope


 Since opening in 1935, more than seven million people, Griffith Observatory, the 12 mother-inch Zeiss refracting telescope is placed in one eye. More people than any other telescope in the world have seen. Dome on the roof of the building – mainly by the general public at night, moon, planets, and bright model objects in our galaxy are usually designed to look for targets of the telescope is located on the Zees. Bopp and Hyakutake saw by a specific astronomical event, any other telescope on Earth Observatory Zeiss Telescope Comet Halley and the mother of Mother Hale comet a popular public space.

Renovation and expansion project of the telescope and the best mode was changed. The copper roof repairs and restored the telescope dome and dome drive system was replaced. The most significant change to the new exhibition hall, exhibition hall, the station I telescope under the dome, is located. Video and audio from the station below for live feeds and telescopic ladder offers the telescope dome, visitors are unable to allow an inspection experience. Most nights, or a wheelchair in front of the roof to allow direct observation of credit available for other telescopes.

Clear night sky, Zeiss telescope on the roof to open and operate 600 visitors per night. A mother’s experience in the performance of Telescope Observatory 12 – inch Zeiss refractor (so called because its light is collected and concentrated 12 to 16 in diameter – front foot long – inch glass lens telescope looking through the eyepiece tube side ). Small 9-inch refracting telescope piggyback main telescope tube, which allows for an item is visible as two separate. Counterweights the right telescope demonstrator telescope in 9000 to easily take the weight – a pound, the device can move in balance. Zeiss binoculars and telescope counterweighted levers counteracts the gravitational bending of the tube with the mother’s unique design of the building by Mt. Such a system is a “break the tension.” Can be said

Mother Griffith Observatory, Griffith J. Griffith public telescope in the genus, while Wilson Observatory, the world’s largest operating telescope, a 60-inch reflector, was invited home to visit Mt. Surprised when they see the sky through a telescope, there was an opportunity. Experience, Los Angeles Griffith Observatory is a public building with a telescope that seized on the idea could be used by all residents were taken by. He said, “Inches in diameter with at least a 12” telescope is specified in his will that “high and the halls of science” and “full details” and is located at. In 1931, Griffith Trust, Jena, Germany, Carl Zeiss telescope was ordered from the company, for $ 14,900 spent on equipment for the Griffith Observatory was the first purchase.

Coelostat and solar telescope


 Griffith Observatory, Ahmanson Hall, visitors to the rotunda of the sun through the sky in the west of the mother of three solar telescopes. On a clear day, binoculars, and our local star, real-time with each sunspots solar flare, offers a different approach. Rotunda triples (Latin for sky-stopper?) Device mirrored Coelostat, the West is focused on the dome is located in a building for the telescope to track the three beams of sunlight. Solar telescopes are operated only during daylight hours.

Coelostats solar observatories where a small tracking mirror is often used in large telescopes are attached to the device for moving the better. Russell Porter, portrait, which is the Palomar Observatory and Griffith Observatory, the observatory service on Mother’s Day in the Sun coelostat move the 200-inch telescope to focus on three mirrors designated by the state appear to move across the sky. Light bounces from one glass to another, and then the telescope on the roof of the mouth to the Rotunda. Solar telescope, ah-alpha filter (spectrohelioscope), a view, and shows the solar spectrum (spectroscope) A white light image. The largest and most – public solar observatories in the world, Griffith Observatory, visited millions of people able to safely observe the Sun.

Expansion and renovation project, the dome, new electric service, and bronze and other new motors for the optics of the telescope building and dome of the Rotunda tool in the coelostat telescope is housed in the three remain unchanged. Each telescope is mounted to the rotunda where the telescopic ladder to provide monitoring of people with disabilities to experience a live gallery below indicate that a new station.

Other public telescope


 Once a month, the Los Angeles Astronomical Society and a number of telescopes, including the side walk astronomers of the Observatory, a star party is available for public viewing. In addition, the Observatory with a coin, south and west perimeters of the building operating telescope mounted. Los Angeles Basin and surrounding mountains devices are active in keeping visitors.


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