Wedding Checklist For The Young Groom

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In today’s society young adults value marriage much less than their parents before them. However, there are still some of us youngsters who can look at a married couple and see the happiness that a life-long partner can bring. For those few men out there just graduating college and looking for your beau, I’ve compiled a checklist, from personal experience of course, to make sure you’re on the right track to living happily ever after. Remember, this is only for the men, as such it probably won’t work for women (unless you’re into women). Now let’s start with step 1.

1.       Find a wife.

Firstly you should find a woman to marry you. I found my fiancée in college on campus. Make sure she is actually enrolled in classes, and is on track to graduate. In other words, make sure she has something going for herself. You don’t want your wife to be a loser because this will make your kids half-loser, which will hinder their adolescence. Where you begin conversation is crucial in the development of the relationship. If you meet at a library as opposed to a frat party or bar, the dialogue between you will be focused more on “love” than “lust” (you know what I’m getting at).

2.       Buy the ring.

The ring is a very important phase of getting married. Without it, well, you can still get married, but it’s now a ritualistic part of the process that absolutely CANNOT be skipped. Make sure you take the time to really shop for a good ring. Not just for aesthetics but also for price. If possible, pay for it upfront. If you need to finance it, pay as much as you can, as fast as you can. On top of paying more for an item in interest, there is nothing sadder than paying on an engagement ring on a wedding that has been called off(I’ve never actually seen it happen but it could, and boy that would be sad). As long as you take the time to search for the perfect ring to give to your fiancée she should love it, as long as she loves you. The price of the ring shouldn’t matter as she should be marrying you, not the ring.

3.       Plan the wedding.

This is an unbelievably stressful time…for her. For you it’s all about making her feel better, which can be almost impossible, depending on your fiancée. Your job is to take on any miscellaneous tasks your future wife can’t handle. The reason you shouldn’t get in the way is because most women have planned there entire wedding years before they even met you. So unless you are a great decorator/planner/color “schemer” you should stay out of the way.

4.       Plan the bachelor party.

Your focus should be on bullet 4, which is to go have a last “hoorah” with your friends. Of course, this is all contingent on her being OK with it. If she isn’t, don’t have one; because really, think about it, she has a point…

If she is ok with it….yeah…check.

5.       Get married.

Last but not least is to show up to the wedding, sober. Just make sure you say “I do” at the correct part and you are home free (well, married anyway).

Aaaand that’s it! I don’t know what happens after that yet as I haven’t made it to number 5. I’m in between 3 and 4 right now, but I’ll bet that if she’s a good woman, and you two genuinely love each other, number 5 is the beginning of many joyful memories.


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