Love Him or Leave Him? -Part 1-

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It all started a few months ago, when things started to deteriorate between me and my boyfriend. We had been together for 5 years already and suddenly we no longer had anything in common! Yes, you read it well, nothing in common, or at least that was what I felt. At that time, he was working on his thesis to be able to earn his Master’s degree, so you can imagine now why things were not that good: since he was also a full timer at his job, he used to work during the day, study at night and sleep for only a few hours before starting the whole cycle again, the best part of it is that he had been doing the same thing for the last 2 years! How about me? Well, I was a full timer as well, I used to finish work around 5:30 and then get back to his place, and sometimes I used to wait for him just for me to be able to see him for a little while, to kiss him and to smell him; while I knew he was not the same man anymore…He had a hundred things to think of. And none of those things had anything to do with me, with what I am, what I needed or what I want to do. Men always claim we are spoiled little nags, but they always forget that the day we act like spoiled little nags is the day we actually become fed up of a behaviour of theirs that irritate us. They tend to forget how patient we have been and how much our support can actually be stretched out if they just fuel that fire of ours with a bit of their care and attention. He was so much taken in his work during the day then in his paper at night, that he had totally forgotten those little things that made me happy, those small beautiful things that made my world go round and that made me feel special and appreciated… I was there, watching him breaking barriers and building successes… (to be continued) 


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