Art of Fighting

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The Art of Fighting Movie Review

The Art of Fighting stars Hyun-kyoon Lee as Sung Byeong Tae a teen that is bullied on a daily basis. Due to his lack of “talents” for academics his father sent him to a small technical school refusing his wishes to allow him to stay at the normal academic school. Little did his father know he was despied for being a son of a policeman. He suffered punishing blows daily he continues on a life of suffering until the day he spots an old gangster. The man’s ability to brawl in a melee shocked Byeong Tae thus he asks the man to teach him how to fight. This begins our story of the virtue to a fight, how one underdog rose above all challenges and fought them one by one with the learned skills fo a man he’s never met.

Yes the show had great moral integrity, along with loyalty but In my opinion while this movie held accountable values to the “Art of Fighting” it is not completely correct. The film is bais on the side of gangsters being relatively fair. Often times playing the bad guys as the “Cool one’s” and the good guy’s to be sterotypically straight off the book. It could set a horrid example to children considering the fact that this movie is rated PG-13. This would aspire children to be hot headed and charge before they think of the consequences. While in film it may be completely harmless and heroic in reality it’d be much more gruesome for the pain would be quite real. The lighting was good, as are the scenaries the actors did a great job playing their roles though their fighting could be a bit more flowery although it was perfect for most of the teens represented kids with no brawn but masculine strength…though the adults had no excuse for the lack of skills so all in all I must say I give this film a 7 out of 10 this would not  be a film I’d buy but more so just rent for a night for it’s swashbuckling heroism and return the next day.


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