How Should You Teach Children Good Manners

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An American psychologist Jerry Vical Mufti mentioned, parents will generally not respect the child like the way they require children to respect themselves. Our educational methods tend to be confused with fear and respect. The kids like to be respected father, because if he performed poorly, his father would beat him. This is not respect but fear. For parents, the correct approach should listen to children. Perhaps patience to wait for a child to express their own ideas is not an easy thing, but worth your time. You can lean over to look directly at the child’s eyes, and let him know that you are willing to listen to what he wants to say. This is the best way to teach children to seriously listen to you.

As parents, we should teach children to use polite language. The children can use polite language to express the love and respect for others. Once a child is talking, he can learn to say please and thank you! and other polite words. You let the child know that you are willing to accede to his request when he is polite; do not like to hear him command you. Similarly, lead by example is much better than mere preaching. You should always say to your child and other people’s children Please and Thank you, so that the child will understand the polite term is part of daily communication, whether at home or in public places, they should be polite.

In addition, you should avoid overreaction. If your child hit you or call you stupid, try not to get angry. In any case, you are an adult, and you know you are not a fool. Remember, if the child wants your attention, he can do the entire thing to make you angry. So, you should face the children calm and firmly told him: Our family cannot beat the children of the curse. Then, you have to teach children to use the polite way to express their demands: If you want me to play with you, you have to say politely, ¡®Mom, I want you to tell me a story.’

Moreover, you should tolerate different views of the children. If our children are always happy to do as we say, life would be much easier, but this is not human nature. So, when the child is disobedient, you have to remember, he does not respect you, he just have a different view. Teach children to understand that rude way to express their demands, lack of good results.


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