Translation Studies

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In the late 1970s a new academic discipline was born: Translation
Studies. We could not read literature in translation, it was argued,
without asking ourselves if linguistics and cultural phenomena really
were ‘translatable’ and exploring in some depth the concept of
When Susan Bassnett’s Translation Studies appeared in the New
Accents series, it quickly became the one introduction every student
and interested reader had to own. Professor Bassnett tackles the
crucial problems of translation and offers a history of translation
theory, beginning with the ancient Romans and encompassing key
twentieth-century work. She then explores specific problems of
literary translation through a close, practical analysis of texts, and
completes her book with extensive suggestion for further reading.
Twenty years after publication, the field of translation studies
continues to grow, but one thing has not changed: updated for the
second time, Susan Bassnett’s Translation Studies remains essential
Susan Bassnett is Professor of Comparative Literary Studies in
Translation, the Centre for Comparative Cultural Studies at the
University of Warwick.

Altemative Shakespeares ed. John Drakakis
Alternative Shakespeares: Volume 2 ed. Terence Hawkes
Critical Practice Catherine Belsey
Deconstruction: Theory and Practice Christopher Norris
Dialogue and Difference: English for the Nineties ed. Peter Brooker
and Peter Humm
The Empire Writes Back: Theory and Practice in Post-Colonial
Literature Bill Ashcroft, Gareth Griffiths and Helen Tiffin
Fantasy: The Literature of Subversion Rosemary Jackson
Dialogism: Bakhtin and his World Michael Holquist
Formalism and Marxism Tony Bennett
Making a Difference: Feminist Literary Criticism ed. Gayle Green
and Coppélia Kahn
Metafiction: The Theory and Practice of Self-Conscious Fiction
Patricia Waugh
Narrative Fiction: Contemporary Poetics Shlomith Rimmon-Kenan
Orality and Literacy: The Technologizing of the Word Walter J.Ong
The Politics of Postmodernism Linda Hutcheon
Post-Colonial Shakespeares ed. Ania Loomba and Martin Orkin
Reading Television John Fiske and John Hartley
The Semiotics of Theotre and Drama Keir Elam
Sexual/Textual Politics: Feminist Literary Theory Toril Moi
Structuralism and Semiotics Terence Hawkes
Studying British Cultures: An Introduction ed. Susan Bassnett
Subculture: The Meaning of Style Dick Hebdige

In drawing up suggestions for further reading I have only included
those texts available in English. Details of useful non-English
language texts are given in notes to each Section. I have also
indicated below those texts that contain comprehensive
Some English texts have not been included, on the grounds that
although they purport to be studies of translation, they contain only
subjective random observations on problems encountered in the
translation process and do not contribute to the establishment of a
critical discipline of Translation Studies.


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