Success With Education

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School and college education is important to us to gain knowledge. While studying in school and college, we learn a lot of things and make good friends as well as enjoy a lot with them. We gain experience with theory and practical way in our schools and colleges. Our education help us to become smart and taught good things, discipline and manners. School and college education is a must for every person.

Merely our School/college education only help us to get a good job as well as shine a lot in our life. We must have additional skills and talents and improve our skills in our favorite field to get a good job. Our education will help us to be cultured and gain more knowledge, but finishing college degree is not enough to get a good job. We must improve our skills in various sort and gain more experience to get a nice job with a reasonable salary.

Some people may thought that lot of school drop outs achieved a lot in their life, as well as some merit scholars don’t have the ability to get a proper job. It is based on our hard work, determination, effort and interest. The person who achieved a lot in his life, surely have a lot of confidence and determination and work hard to reach his target. He is having practical experience which helped him to achieve his target.

Some persons who are merit scholars in their school is merely depend up on his education. S/he don’t have any other skills or interest apart from studies and not interested in improving the skills, so only s/he struggled a lot to get a job. Our education  is the main thing to get success in life. Apart from education we need hard work, target, determination, confidence, skills and efforts to achieve success in our life. 

Surely education is one of the key to our success. Apart from it, we need some more factors to achieve our target. Merely education only don’t help us to achieve a lot. If we have the other important factors with a good education, we will achieve a lot in our life for sure.


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