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If you like writing articles at home, school and even in your office. You may find it as a business where you can generate extra income from your write ups. Though, at the beginning of this business you may find it disappointing and discouragement lurks behind especially when you just wrote a couple of articles or even in hundreds. You may not feel the income generating authority of your articles yet for a moment in time but as times goes by especially you wrote articles that is relevant to the world then you may sit back and enjoy the income your article is doing for you.

In this article, we will discuss on the possibility of your writing skills that could make you rich. First, determine your strength and weaknesses in writing. You may write articles less than an hour but your article quality is not that good or you write longer but you and your reader will surely cherish over the good quality your article have.


First step, set up an account in Paypal. Paypal is free and safe to use, in Paypal you will be receiving your money income generated from your articles. Though, there are a number of ways to in how you will received your milestone but for now Paypal is the most popular in the service. The instruction of how to acquire Paypal is very searchable in the web, you may find good step by step articles in acquiring your Paypal

Google Adsense

One of the most popular and effective pay-per-click (PPC) program on the net is the google adsense. Writers should have an account on google adsense though it is not necessary. but it is one way to generate income from your articles. There are ample of instructions and tips in having this account on the net you can search it.


There are many methods of advertising on the Internet that are effective and it is accompanied by articles. Before you start to write, find what interest you, write on popular niches like health, technology, travels, and many more. Make yourself as a guro when you write your articles or master what you write, don’t plagiarize and make your article unique and interesting for readers.

My methods

Triond pays for every 1000 unique visitors, you get $1, but this is not always true. You earn more than $1 for 1000 unique visitors for certain categories. You can get paid with paypal, western union or by check. With paypal, the minimum payout is .50 cents; however, for western union and check, the minimum payout is $50. Accepts only articles that are not yet publish.

Signup here – You can publish at bukisa your articles and earn passive income, in Bukisa the index is fairl at $3.22 per 1000 page views,and can be raised from $3.19 per 1000 page views last month and you can integrate your adsense.  Has been as high as $3.97 per 1000 page views in the past, pretty good when compared with other paid-per-view writing sites.  You can republish from triond.


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Wikinut basically the same thing as with Triond and Bukisa. My first impression was kind of bad because of the bad website layout, but as I started writing I found some advantages as well. In you can get o 0.007$ for 50 views. You can republish articles from

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Expertscolumn’s best benefit is in the form of revenue sharing. Columnists are qualified to earn a share of revenue on CPM basis. pays around $1.50 CPM i.e. for every thousand views that your columns generates you get paid $1.50. When more and more readers come to read your columns, you simply make more money. Please note down that CPM rates vary from time to time depending upon the current CPM that site is generating. You can republish your articles here given some conditions. 


Lastly, thou this not like the sites above but you can earn decent income here, please check this link  and signup. 

Writing articles can be an income generating business for you, it just needs hardwork and patience. Find your own formula that will work to your writing business, there are tons of formulas out there. Just formulate, don’t be discouraged and you will soon see your income.



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