The Difference Between The Astronauts And Cosmonauts

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Astronaut and cosmonauts 

Astronaut and cosmonauts words, the space program are linked. They are almost the same meaning as much for my career, but there are some important differences. However, there is not much difference between these two words. Astronaut and cosmonaut of the space race was created by words. Russian word “astronaut”, using, and Americans use the word “astronaut.

The service is not a space shuttle pilot and astronaut. This means that professional services to the Space Shuttle astronaut to command. The space and the existence of a human mother in relation to a better understanding of the life of an astronaut in space. On the contrary, the working environment for the astronauts to Earth. It is said that when the environment cannot be an astronaut, he or she will automatically become an astronaut.


The United States of America and Russia in the 1950s and 1960s a large space on the forefront of the Mother “space race” to have been. Cold War backdrop of the launch of two satellites Narcotics competition states, space, and then finally a man to put a man on the moon. But researchers in the early space missions that have different names; their astronauts in the United States, while Russia had their cosmonauts.

Both astronauts “and” Astronaut “is derived from Greek. A word, the Russian word” Kosmo and from the Greek word “astronaut” Nautes. ”

A Greek word “USA” and “astronaut” Nautes word “.” The United States, Star “and” Nautes “means” word “” astronaut, had ever seen before “dog” “Mother Jones, Neil R. principal meteor means death.” It has been said, “Astronaut” term “insurance” that the old term that has been designated for passengers affected by the short story.

Cosmonauts and astronauts from these selected criteria. Can be astronauts young age older than 40 years. They also have a height of less than 511 crew has BS. “You statements and military test pilot school at least 1,500 hours of flight time. Be. Applicants must pass a comprehensive psychological testing.

Russian Air Force chose General cosmonauts IMBP and RSC Energia. You are younger than 30 years of age and height of 57 “must be less than the commissions completed by officials of the Soviet Air Force. 900 hours of flight time as candidate astronauts, cosmonauts must pass the psychological. Testing.

First Russian word “astronaut”, using, and Americans use the word “astronaut. Third can be astronauts young age older than 40 years. “Should be at least 57 astronauts 30 years younger than the age and size.” He is also the height of at least 511 should be.


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