The First Artificial Satellite

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Artificial Satellite human inner solar system, Earth and other planetary objects in orbit. The natural satellites, or moons, which orbit planets, dwarf planets and asteroids as well as different. Artificial satellites orbiting Earth, other planets, to help our conversation, but the study are used to observe the distant universe. Satellite and Space Shuttle International Space Station as they may be people.

The first artificial satellite, Sputnik 1, the Soviet mission, was launched in 1957. Since then, many countries around the Earth more than 3,000 satellites currently operational spacecraft are launched. Satellites orbiting the earth and moving pieces of debris or dead, more than 8,000 pieces of space junk are estimates.

Satellites launched in different classes, depending on your mission. Synchronous orbit of the common people. This satellite orbited the earth 24 hours takes place the same amount of time it takes Earth to rotate once on its axis. Exists on Earth in this Satellite, telecommunications and television broadcasting allows.

A low earth orbit where satellites orbit above the planet may be only a few hundred kilometers. Satellite locations of the Earth has an atmosphere, but still close enough, you mother planet’s surface can place images or communication facilities. The height of the Space Shuttle and the Hubble Space Telescope flies.


Satellite missions, scientific research, weather monitoring, military, navigation, Earth imaging, and communications and include them. Some satellites for the purpose, while at the same time a number of other tasks designed to. Satellite equipment and space radiation hardened to withstand vacuum.

Satellites are manufactured by several aerospace companies, like Boeing or Lockheed, and then to Cape Canaveral as a launch facility. Mother Earth as close as possible to bring the facility is located at the equator, the speed kick the extra space. These rockets use less fuel or payload allows for heavy loads.

The height of the satellite orbit defines how it will be in circulation. Orbiting satellites in high orbits of the other millions of years to get there. Today, the universe has written many articles about artificial satellites. Here is an article about the synchronous orbit, and there is an article about the rotational speed. NASA satellites can get more information. Real-time satellite tracking system is cold here, and here is the Hubble site.

We have an episode of Astronomy Cast about the satellites were recorded. Here is a good one;


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