Tips On Creating Your Own Marketing Video

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You probably already know that online video marketing is an important part of an online marketing strategy. You may even know that embedding a video on your company’s blog post or in an article makes the content more captivating for your reader. This task may seem daunting to someone unfamiliar with the process and the equipment involved. Where to begin? What are the key elements to produce a successful video? I put together some useful pointers to get you started with the production of your own video.
The first thing to consider is should I shoot it myself or outsource? One of the obvious benefits of producing your own video is the savings. Hiring a pro will cost more money than doing it yourself, but you will save time and possibly be happier with the results. If outsourcing is not an option due to budget, follow the tips below and you will have your marketing video up and running in no time.
Start with considering what kind of video you will shoot. Will it be Q&A, product demos, on-location or remote? Determining the kind of video you will shoot will help you with your content creation. If this is your first time shooting a video, the Q&A format is probably your best choice.
For a Q&A format, pick a topic related to your business then research what some of the most frequently asked question are about that topic. Write down the questions and follow with the answers to each and that is your script. Just don’t write complicated answers to your questions. Leave the industry jargon to the side. Speak to a general audience that may not understand industry specific terminology.
Next, think about the camera, lights, microphone, your pose and background. You can be as informal or sophisticated in your choice of equipment as you like. If you want better quality equipment, but don’t have the budget for that expense, you could always rent the equipment. I have actually seen some really great video footage shot right from a smartphone and downloaded right to You Tube.
Next, you will want to prepare for the shoot by practicing. Practicing helps you become familiar with the material, making the dialogue seem more natural. The more natural you seem to the audience, the better the outcome. One tip is to practice out loud in front of a mirror. This helps you hear what your audience will hear. Be yourself. Relax. Don’t be stiff and formal. Just speak as you normally would. But, remember to speak up and pronounce each word clearly. Don’t forget to smile and seem enthusiastic as you speak. It’s much better to watch a video of a happy informative person than someone who seems grouchy. Lastly, be careful with transitions. Avoid “ummmm” or “like”, listen for these as you practice and try to totally eliminate them during your live recording.
If you are wondering what to wear, just wear what you would normally wear keeping in mind your target audience. For example if you are shooting a video aimed for a teenage audience you probably wouldn’t wear a three piece suit. Just the same, if your video has an intended corporate target, then you wouldn’t wear a tee shirt and baseball cap. Just use your common sense. A good tip here is minimizing busy floral prints or narrow stripes. You should also avoid very dark colors or bright reds and orange. You want the focus to be on what you are saying, not what you are wearing.
You are ready to start filming. Lights, camera, action! The great thing about video is that if you don’t get it right the first time, there can always be take 2,3,4, and so on.


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