Quitting Teenage Smoking by Friends

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Today teenagers can get influenced from older students who think that smoking can free them from everything. Although when you start smoking you can’t cut it as easily as everybody says. Adolescents want to become popular and because of that desire they start smoking just to become friends with the older students and for to hangout with them.  

Parents can take part if they think that their child’s future stands worrisome. If you as a parent, suspect that your offspring may smoke eventually or is posible to start smoking in the immediate future take precautions. Approach them and try making a discussion with them. You can share your ‘smoking’ experiences with them, just to let them know who you felt the very first time you smoked and if you ever feel regretful of that action. As a matter of fact the majority of teenagers who started smoking at an early age did it only out of plain curiosity.

 One way to provoke such behaviors is to let your friend’s parents know. This might be difficult at first to decide as you don’t want your friend to get angry with you but if you want to save your friend’s life in the future and their bottom dollars you should act as such. Also mention to your friend (at least for once) that smoking can destroy his/her health and cause him/her problems. In addition, make sure you tell your friend first, before letting their parents know, that smoking can be really harmful in the distant future. Make your friend have second thoughts about starting smoking by mentioning how huge is the percentage of adults who try to quit smoking and are unable to achieve that goal. If your pal is so stubborn that he won’t admit smoking is bad for the youngsters then there’s no other choice but to go and tell your mate’s parents or an older person whose opinion you believe is trustworthy.  

It is a matter of great importance to never forget that your friend needs you even if they don’t admit it. As a caring friend you have to do all that requires in order for your pal to grow up as a heath adult without any harmful addictions. 


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