Working Smart Is… Being a Solution to Other People’s Problems

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Successful people make a habit out of being a solution to other people’s problems. Its part of their success formula. Where others see challenges, successful people see opportunity. They see solutions that can help people move past problems, and they see the financial potential in providing that solution as a product or service.

Anyone can be a problem-solver. All we have to do is look at the world differently, look at every situation, and ask “What can I do to improve this? What can I do to help move people closer to what they want more efficiently, or further away from what they don’t want more effectively.” When you start thinking about it, and asking yourself these questions, the answers you come up with may surprise you!

An entrepreneurial approach

Whether you’re in a job, out of a job, or looking for new careers in the UK, you can take this solution-seeking approach right now. Apply it to whatever situation you are in and focus on what you can do for others to produce a win/win outcome.

People who do this in their jobs often find that they achieve better results when the focus is on what they can give the team, the department or the company.

If you are in a customer-facing role, ask yourself what you can do for the customer to stack the odds in favour of a sale, or to strengthen customer loyalty.

Granted, some of these ideas you’ll likely need to run through your manager – and there is a chance your manager will say no. But this is just another challenge for which you can find a solution. You just need to get inside your manager’s head, and align the benefits of your ideas with what you find.

For example, if your manager’s focus is on cost savings, show how your idea can save the department money while achieving your original goals. If your manager is more concerned with hitting sales targets, show him / her how your ideas will achieve that too.

If you’re not in a job at the moment, but you’re looking for a new career, consider applying this technique to your cover letters and in your job interviews. If you show potential employers what you can do to help them achieve their goals, they are sure to sit up and listen. Everyone likes a pro-active problem-solver to take the initiative!

Naturally, if you’re setting up a new business as a career of your own, your focus needs to be on potential clients and what you can do for them to help them achieve their goals. Many businesses are in fact founded on the simple principle of a solution that can be applied to a generic or widespread problem. If you can get the numbers to stack up you’ll quickly find that this is a very smart way to work!


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