Some Diseases Due to Bad Habits

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Heart disease, stroke, and our blood stream are closely related to our bad habits. Bad habits (including bad eating habits) may trigger heart attack to occur due to the raised cholesterol level in the artery. Having good healthy habits like regular exercise routine and balanced diet will make you stay away from the possibility of having such diseases as heart attack or stroke. Our busy activities often cause us to neglect what should be done to stay healthy.

Cholesterol tends to pool in the wall of the artery that is easily damaged. When damage occurs, blood is shunted to the damaged area to do the healing. As a result, crust builds up and narrows the blood stream in the long run. Bad habits have brought about death among people who do not care or do not know about what good living habits are like.

Bad living habits consists of among other things smoking addictions, eating unhealthy diet that contains a lot of calories, high in fat, too much sugar, salt, and lack of physical exercises. Many seem indulged in bad habits and are not aware of approaching heart attacks. Heart attacks come so suddenly that no one will know it.

The best way to avoid heart disease is to get out of bad habits. It is so simple just to stay away from it. Smoking addiction is probably difficult to get rid of quickly but at least avoiding unhealthy diet is a piece of cake. So is physical exercise routine. If you are not accustomed to work out or let alone go to the gym, you can simply begin walking for 30 minutes everyday. Amazingly, this will improve your overall health.

Begin eating good diet that consists of fruits and vegetable. Make sure that all fruits and vegetable are washed properly to get rid of pesticide residues. Nowadays, it is not easy to get your hands on organic foods. But if you try, you will get some although the price is somewhat high. Drink a lot of fresh water at least 8 glasses a day to replenish the lost water during the day.


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