Tips to Increase Your Youtube Presence: Part Two

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Tips to Increase Your YouTube Presence: Part Two

5.) Comments

Respond to comments that are posted. These people are likely to be “hot leads” for your business since they have taken the time and energy to assert their opinion. Reply to what they said to show that your business cares and is just as interested as they are. These two-way interactions with customers tend to get them even more involved than they were previously. If there are negative comments, take the opportunity to learn from them. Fix the problem, then comment back explaining how you fixed the problem. Nobody is perfect, but if you are seen as somebody who fixes his or her mistakes it will reflect well on your brand.

6.) Your Featured Video

On your channel you have the ability to feature a video. Make sure that this video is your best video. Think of it as your one chance to draw in your audience. They will either like your video and stay to find out more, or not care about your video and move on. If they move on, chances are they aren’t coming back.

7.) Create Playlists

Put together a playlist. It will allow viewers to find videos that are related and watch them one after another. As a brand, you can feature your playlist on your channel page. Make sure that you title your playlist according to what the topic is. People don’t like to be surprised with a topic they were not expecting.

8.) Analytics

YouTube has an analytics tool for each channel. If you take the time to look you can find a lot of useful information.

Information Provided Includes:
a.) Views
b.) Subscribers
c.) Likes
d.) Comments
e.) Shares
f.) Location
g.) Gender
h.) Video Metrics

You can use this information to see who is interested in your topic. Your business can then compare it to the demographics of people who generally buy from you. Maybe there is another segment of the market that your business completely forgot about.

This information also allows you to see what videos people are most interested in. You can then create more information that better caters to the needs of your audience.

-Adam Barnhart


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