Top 10 Healthy Eating – Fruits And Vegetables

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  1. Broccoli
    Broccoli contains a large amount of vitamin C, iron, folic acid, calcium and magnesium. Broccoli also contains the substance sulforaphane that bactericidal works and a beneficial effect in protecting against certain cancers. The substance is also found in Brussels sprouts.

  2. Citrus
    Citrus contain a large dose of vitamin C and bioflavonoid, powerful antioxidant that protects against cancer, heart disease and inflammation. Furthermore, the pectin in the cholesterol levels.

  3. Garlic
    The allicin in garlic helps lower blood pressure and improves the blood and cholesterol levels. With regular use reduce your risk of heart disease. Garlic works also antiviral and antibacterial so less risk on colds.

  4. Red pepper
    Red pepper, chili pepper and cayenne pepper are high in antioxidants that protect against heart disease, cancer and premature aging. Moreover, capsaicin, for the hot, spicy sensation creates, ensures that the brains are encouraged to create endorphins, a type natural painkiller, in order to extinguish the small fire. This ensures a pleasant feeling. In addition, the stomach is induced to produce substances that help protect against stomach ulcers.

  5. Grapes
    Red and blue grapes, over white, contain antioxidants that powerful than vitamin C and E. Blue grapes contain also a phytochemical that calcification and obstruction of counteracts the veins.

  6. Oily fish
    Fish as salmon, mackerel, trout, sardines and herring contain substances that thin the blood, reduce blood pressure and help protect against heart disease. The anti-inflammatory operation also helps joint pain and painful periods.

  7. Soy products
    Soya products such as tofu, soy sauce and tempeh are rich in phytoestrogens, that protect against problems in the menopause, endometriosis, breast and prostate cancer. Soy also protects against heart disease and osteoporosis.

  8. Green tea
    Green tea but also the black tea is rich in antioxidants and reduce therefore the risk of some cancers. It is assumed assume that if you drink more than four cups, the chance of a heart attack by half, and the risk of high blood pressure decreases. On the influence of green tea on health is not all known and is further research has been done.

  9. Tomatoes
    Tomatoes contain powerful antioxidants which protect against heart and disease and some cancers, particularly prostate cancer. Tomatoes also have a positive effect on the eyes, particularly in the deterioration of sight up close.

  10. Yogurt
    The yoghurt products with lactic acid bacteria to be made contain healthy nutrients for proper functioning of the stomach and intestines. Yogurt may also have a positive effect on the fungal infection Candida albicans, food allergies and the immune system In general.


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