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Lecture, has been one of the most boring things that one has had to endure right from the moment he entered into school till the day he probably stops working. Lectures are used to convey critical information, history, theories and equations while at the same time serving as a quick, cheap and efficient way of introducing large numbers of students to a particular field of study. Lectures represent a continuation of oral tradition in contrast to textual communication in books and other media. Many lecturers were, and still are, accustomed to simply reading their own notes from the lectern. Nevertheless, modern lectures generally seemed to incorporate additional activities, such as, writing on a chalk-board, exercises, class questions and discussions, or student presentations.
Long gone are the days when we used to listen to lectures based on overhead projectors and traditional ones that involved a person standingat the front of the room and reciting information for a really long time. The use of multimedia presentation software such as Microsoft PowerPoint has changed the form of lectures forever, as video and graphics were included. The PowerPoint presentations which have replaced the traditional methods have gone viral. All the classes that used to be done via traditional methods are now done using PowerPoint presentations. And that has made it all the more interesting. One of its important features being that outlines composed of “bullet points” is presented. Thus ensuring that the audience gets an overview of what the lecturer is trying to say, instead of listening to him beating around the bush, like they used to before.
Nowadays in the modern world, in the age of the computer, everything is online and on the go. There comes a need too, for the PowerPoint presentation to be online, so that anyone who missed the class or meeting could get to grips with what went through and develop a clear understanding. Thereby ensuring that when they come the next day, they do so well informed and not misinformed. So there is a need for the presentation to be online and available for the average Joe. As a result, one has to go online and look out for a place where this presentation could be published without being charged too heavily, let alone be published for free. For long, that used to be a long and tiresome process, but not anymore. You might wonder why that is the case. It is all thanks to Dollardoc.
For those that are probably wondering what Dollardoc is all about. Here is your answer; Dollardoc is a premier place for publishing of Books, Documents and Presentations. Dollardoc is right now the World’s fastest growing online publishing platform for the widest range of Books, documents and other kinds of social publications. It is now easily the world’s biggest repository of free documents. So, there you have it, if you are searching for a PPT online, then Dollardoc is where it’s at. And the best part of it all is the fact that, it is available, free of cost. 


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