Always Avoid These Two Dangerous Foods if You Like to Lose Weight

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Life they say is a University, we never finish learning till we die. That is a fact and I know you are going to get so shocked about the two kinds of foods that I would like you to totally avoid; if only you have a goal to lose weight and maintain lean body throughout your life time.

Wheat Products: These include: whole wheat, breads, cereals, bagels, muffins, pasta, crackers and many more of these categories. One of the key nutrients in wheat is “gluten” and it would surprise you to know that a great proportion of our population react adversely after the consumption of foods with gluten content. Most people are completely allergic to gluten substance foods. The digestive system of many a great portion of our population is not able to adapt to lots of wheat as part of their diet.

In fact, wheat has only been introduced into the human diet just a few thousand years ago and this had never formed part of our major diets until about 80 years ago. This is a small time frame compared to the traditional diet that the human digestive system developed over several hundred thousand years eating a hunter-gatherer diet of meats, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

From my personal experience, I initially thought wheat is one of the best foods that every human being should consume every day! I therefore usually would boil the grains and use it in place of rice and I never new wheat contains “gluten”. All I noticed was that since I stopped taking wheat in large proportion, my persistent facial skin problem had disappeared completely. So if you love consuming wheat like me; you might want to consider reducing the amount of it in your diet.

Fruit Juices: These are also no go areas for people who are serious about losing weight. I remember consuming large liters of fruit juice after I delivered my baby but I noticed with concern that, with just about 5 months down the line, I became so huge and fat. I quickly discovered it has to do with the large quantities of fruit juice that I was consuming so I stopped immediately and replaced it with Green Tea. That certainly has helped me a lot; coupled with some aerobics, was able to get back into shape effortlessly. So my initial perception that “Fruit Juice” is good and cannot affect weight gain has changed.

I am not in any way saying Fruit Juice are not healthy, they are but when consumed in large quantity instead of taking the actual fruit with fiber, it does not auger well for one’s health. In fact, just squeezing out the high calorie sugar mixture and leaving behind the fiber and the other beneficial components of the fruits is really not a healthy eating habit.

The reason is, whenever one consumes only the juice of whatever fruits, one would lose out on the satisfying impact that one is expected to derive from consuming that particular fruit. This therefore only leads to one’s craving for more carbohydrates. One would also miss out on the blood sugar slowing down capabilities that one can derive from consumption of whole fruits.

So in conclusion, from my person experience and what nutrition  experts say, wheat and Fruit Juice make you fat. Avoid these or take them in small quantities. Focus more on consuming whole fruit than fruit juice and also, eat other types of grains which not do you give you the type of adverse effects that you are more likely to get from consumption of large portions of wheat.


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