How to Protect Your Child in Social Network

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in today’s world there are many available social networking sites like facebook,twitter, or myspace which can connect you with friends and relatives, can not deny the existence of this social networking site helps us in communicating or in running our business.but the existence of these social networking sites are also often exploited by certain elements to commit a crime,
then we are encouraged to be careful in communicating in social networking, especially for our children, who should always get control of us.

there are a few tips to keep an eye on our children in communicating on social networking

Precautions for letting your child on Social Network

•              Make their password with them so that you have access to their account. This way you can just check in and see that they are not doing anything inappropriately.

•              Make the page private. When a page is marked private the only way someone can see the page is if they are already on your child’s friend list.

•              Accept friend requests only from people your child is familiar with. Make sure your child knows not to allow strangers onto their friend list.

•              Profile photo. The main profile photo should either be a graphic, or just a head shot of your child; no full body pics in a bikini, or mini skirt. These will only attract predators.

•              Myspace and facebook offers the option of only allowing people to send friend requests if they know your child’s last name. Use this for extra safety.

•              Myspace and facebook offers a way for members to customize their page by adding various graphics, or photos. Be sure that your child does not have any provocative or suggestive graphics on their page.

Safety Precautions for All Ages

•              Put only information on your website that you wish everyone to see. This means no personal information like your phone number, or address.

•              Adding provocative photos is just like asking for a predator’s attention.

•              Make your page private for extra precaution.

•              Jobs sometimes do searches for current, or potential employees. Make sure that you do not have anything on your page that could look unprofessional to an employer.


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