Sex And Diabetes

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The action is usually recommended for consideration by people with diabetes or diabetes, sex is to check their blood sugar levels before intercourse. Proper diet before or after intercourse is also quite useful, as suggested also that habit after they exercise.

In women, control of diabetes usually take into account their menstrual cycle. Choice of contraceptive use should also be adjusted with diabetes who suffered. In addition, pregnancy and menopause also will be considered separately in the blood sugar control.

Conditions that need to be understood by the diabetes is when blood sugar levels allowed to remain high in a long time, then the flow of blood and nerves to the sexual organs will be disrupted, which eventually led to sexual function are also easily distracted.

Women with diabetes – diabetes will usually have trouble controlling the bladder, known as neuroqenic bladder disorders. To prevent the disorder, the doctor will generally advise women who have diabetes have the disorder to empty her bladder before and after intercourse. Emptying the bladder after sexual intercourse is known to help prevent infection in the bladder.

In addition, damage to nerves and blood vessels will also make vaginal be reduced so that the vagina remains dry despite the sexual stimulation. It resulted in sexual activity becomes uncomfortable.

While the men have diabetes, a major concern due to damage to nerves and blood flow to sexual organs is impotence. Along with age, impotence is indeed a real threat to normal men and men with diabetes.

In men with impotence are generally more than 50 years of age, whereas men with diabetes have a greater risk. Approximately 50-60% of men with diabetes aged over 50 years of impotence affected by different levels.

Impotence is the inability to herein means to obtain and maintain an erection. Please note, men with diabetes have a possibilities 10-15 years earlier to experience erection problems than men without diabetes.

Impotence can be caused by physical or psychological disorders. Impotence due to psychological disorders usually occur suddenly, while impotence due to physical disturbance occurs slowly. In men with diabetes, the disorder is generally caused by deterioration of the nerves or blood vessels to the sexual organs.


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