What Problems do Adolescents Face When They Eat Very Less?

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When the eating patterns of an adolescent are not regular and proper, modification in the diet patterns and the nutritional status of the person cannot be done easily. Specially, when the person is suffering from any eating disorder the modifications in the diet to overcome the disturbances in the growth has to be done with proper knowledge. The adolescents suffering from acute anorexia nervosa usually appear very thin or might have developmental obesity. The people ranging across the spectrum of the sufferers of anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and developmental obesity are observed to have lot of psychosocial disturbances. The physical disturbances do require necessary treatment while the mental disturbances must be handled very cautiously.

The adolescents with eating disorder problems exist in wide range of appearances like very thin to extremely heavy forms. There might be various different types of physical appearances in between the extreme conditions. The adolescents with the eating disorders will have lot of underlying reasons that associate with their behavior and the diminished normal nourishment. They tend to eat food irregularly and in haphazard amounts. The body weight of the adolescents with eating disorders is connected with the underlying neuro-physical disorders and phycho-developmental matters. These aspects have to be dealt with very seriously rather than constantly dealing superficially with the body weight. 

In adolescent stage the body grows exceptionally and the requirements of nutrients by the body are demanding to a great extent as every growing cell sucks the food supplied instantly. Not taking nutritious diet during this period and having small physical changes in the body due to hormonal variations, eating disorders might result. The women face the problem of self-esteem, growth of breasts and a feeling of insecurity. Getting adjusted to the thought patterns, new perceptions and sensual experiences of the body in adolescents can make them think unrealistically. This might have impact on their eating leading to eating disorders. So, it is essential for the health professionals and family members of the adolescents to concentrate on the behavioral aspects of the adolescents underlying their eating disorders and try to eliminate them to give responsive treatment to the adolescents with eating disorders.


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