Tips For Making a Romantic Kiss to Your Girlfriend

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Tips for making a romantic kiss to your girlfriend

Rakhi Sharma and Awadhesh Kishore*

Institute for Development of Technology for Rural Advancement, Mathura-281004 (INDIA)

*Sarvoday Mahavidyalaya, Chaumuhan-281406, Mathura (INDIA)


Romantic kissing is preferred for expression of emotional feelings, love, sex and hot desires. Some tips to follow while kissing to increase joy of the moments include to find your lips in proper kissing order, break touch barrier as quick as possible, make eye contact with her, go to approach romantic kiss and finally lip lock.


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Romantic kiss is one of the most liked kisses, which is preferred while a great occasion of second date. Romantic kiss is assumed to be sweat and lovely because it is slow and deepens the connection between you and your girlfriend.

To feel joyful moments of the romantic kiss, project your lips slightly and open your mouth a tiny bit. Tilt your head to side, usually right side. Bend forward & slowly lock your lips at the time they touch the lips of your girlfriend. Kiss your girlfriend’s upper or lower lip gently followed by pulling then away slightly upto an inch between you & your girlfriend’s lips. There few tips to follow while the action of romantic kiss to increase degree of enjoyment.

Find your lips Kissable:

Before going for a Romantic Kiss find your lips in proper kissing order.  Some of the basic guidelines to find your lips Kissable are here. Dream a person to whom you would like to kiss. Make her lips in your imaginations as yours are. Are you finding full of joy to kiss while kissing them? If yes, your lips are quite inviting and approachable. If your answer is no, think about the changes what you wish. Same changes are expected in your own lips. Kissable lips are smooth and sweet, free from sore, soft, gentle and wet. Dry & cracked lips feel rough & can smash the mood of kissing.

A fish kiss:

First of all you need to break the touch barrier as quick as possible. You need to touch the person lightly either on the arm or shoulder when you are speaking. Holding hands is also a great way to break the touch barrier. If everything is going well in a right direction, you may try a light kiss on the cheek of you girlfriend and wait her reply. You should always keep in mind that the touch barrier is matter that is culture dependent. Be very careful, serious and cautious while breaking touch barriers.

Your own body language:

You should make eye contact with her before moving your gaze briefly down to her lips. Then move your eyes back up to meet theirs & smirk demurely. You should not be hurry or unnecessary delayed for kissing.

Approach for kissing:

Approach for kissing Depends on your beginning position. You may need only to turn your head, or you may need to lean in a bit depending on your beginning posture. You may use your hands to gently urge your girlfriend for her body or head in to a suitable position. You should not try for forcibly move any part of her body or hold her in an uncomfortable position. Generally you should position yourself correctly & let your girlfriend meet you. Maintain eye contact and then look at her lips.

The Gentle Lip Lock:

As your lips make contact with hers, pucker them slightly & close your eyes. Over-pucker her lips will make a tense condition which is not better for the companionable peck. Now you are allowed to kiss her upper or lower lips gently followed by pulling them away slightly. It will be better to put about an inch distance between you & your partner’s lips at this stage. Kiss her upper or lower lip again. The variation at this time is that the part your lips go between hers. Apply a little bit of pressure closing your lips as you pull away. You can make a practice on the length of your finger to get an idea for amount of pressure to apply. You can also gently pinch of your lips between your index finger & thumb to see the way it feels to have anyone kiss you in this way.

Switch to another lip and finally let her repeat the same action.


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