Do You Really Need Astigmatism Surgery

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Do You Really Need Astigmatism Surgery

Astigmatism is a condition where you don’t see clearly because your corneas don’t have the smooth curvature they should. For some reason, people don’t seem to often know that laser surgery is a distinct option for astigmatism, just the way it is for other vision problems. For instance, you could ask for the same LASIK surgery method to have your astigmatism cured, as you do for nearsightedness. Astigmatism surgery that uses the LASIK method can take an unevenly-shaped cornea and sculpt it so that it’s the right shape.

Astigmatism is what they call a refractive error. When light passes through an unevenly-shaped cornea, it scatters light in an unpredictable way. Everyone has astigmatism to some degree. It is impossible for anything to be perfectly shaped – there’s always some unevenness. In some people though, it can be especially serious. Usually, it’s people with  nearsightedness or distance vision that it happens the most often to.

People with this vision problem don’t usually tend to notice it right away. If they don’t have nearsightedness or anything and they still get headaches or eyestrain, they can never fathom what’s going on. They wonder what could be wrong when they seem to be able to read everything clearly at a distance.

At some point, they get sick of it and go to an eye doctor. Who of course finds out right away.

An unevenly-shaped cornea isn’t something you’re born with. It can occur over time. In many people, it occurs after they hit 40. It’s a good reason to see your eye doctor once every two years or so to test for these problems.

Now you’re probably wondering why there’s even a need for astigmatism surgery. If it is treated easily enough with glasses of toric contact lenses, why even bother with surgery?

It’s the same way people choose to get laser eye surgery for nearsightedness – lenses, while the can be very nice, quickly get old. Your eyes get tired, they need a proper care regimen, and it’s never the same as when your eyeballs are just the right shape. When it comes to astigmatism, surgery is an excellent option. The way it treats the disease, it would be like you never had the problem.

Most often, doctors recommend laser surgery for astigmatism when the eye disorder becomes really bothersome. These days, the surgical techniques involved have advanced so well that doctors recommend them even for people with mild afflictions.


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