Affordable Solar Panels Are a Distinct Possibility

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Affordable Solar Panels are a Distinct Possibility

Solar panels can be expensive. That’s the number one argument here against them – that installing a system like this, even with all the rebates accounted for, you’re never going to make the money you spent on them back. That’s how expensive they are. Well, here’s an idea: how about going the DIY route if you want affordable solar panels?

That’s right, you don’t have to invest the thousands of dollars that they ask for. You can have affordable solar panels in your home if you would just take the leap and go the DIY route.

Now how do you go about rolling your own?

Your first step would be to go and put together all the materials that you need. You’ll need a number of things – the solar cells themselves, board, wood glue and so on. You can find them online, or you could find a local store that sells these items at an affordable price. To save even more money than you are right now, you might be tempted to buy the individual solar cells yourself and wire them together. While this can be easy enough, this probably isn’t a good idea.  To buy pre-tabbed solar cells does not cost a lot more, and you will get much better build quality than if you did it yourself.

Solar cells themselves can easily break if you just leave them lying around. That’s what you need board for. You use a board as backing material for your solar cells. If wood just seems too low-tech, you could use plexiglass sheeting instead.

Just make sure that you measure how much space you need beforehand, cut out a piece to stick those cells on.

Squeezing that electricity out of your solar panel is simple enough once you have the cells in place. You just need to take the wires out that come out of your solar cells and connect them to the charge controller. The charge controller will connected to your house storage batteries, and they start charging right away. To actually use that power to use around the house, you just need something to convert DC battery power to AC household power. An inverter is the kind device that does this, and it’s easy enough.

It might sound a bit complicated to do this by yourself the first time; but watching couple of YouTube videos might set your mind at ease.


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