Affordable Flooring

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Nobody has to be Able to Tell It’s Affordable Flooring

The businesses that sell you stuff, put a lot of thought into how to price it all. If they find that there’s a psychological reason why you would go along with a high price point, they set themselves up to take advantage of it. That is why you hear so little said about affordable flooring.

They know that when it comes to flooring, even if they do tack a little extra padding to the price, that you won’t mind because you will tell yourself that flooring is something you do only once in a long while. You do not change your flooring every year or once every five years. Not to mention, if they charge you a lot, you tell yourself that you deserve a little something extra in life – especially when it’s something like flooring that can last a long time. Well, pay no attention to what they think you think. Let us take a look at some seriously affordable flooring options.

Let’s start with vinyl floor titles. When it comes to affordable flooring, there’s nothing out there that can touch cheap, soft plastic. The tiles are cheap enough to buy starting at 50 cents a square, and the installation costs can be pretty much nothing. For the cheapest kind of option here, go with the plain kind. The textured stuff can be unnecessarily expensive.

If you really hanker after the cool traditional look of wooden flooring, you can get that with vinyl plank flooring a fraction of the price. You can cover four times as much flooring using vinyl that looks like high-quality polished wood rather than use the real thing. And yes, you need considerably less skill to do this.

Tiles made of soft material really can be cheaper. Vinyl tiles are one way to go, and carpet tiles would be another. Basically, if you really want the cheapest flooring on earth, you’ll have to go with wall-to-wall carpeting. However, that requires expensive installation by someone who’s trained in it. With tiles, you can just do it yourself. Don’t fool yourself when the wall-to-wall carpet vendors tell you that the installation is free. They just include the installation in the price.

And finally, don’t overlook ceramic tile. Some people, because they have seen some pretty expensive installations think that all ceramic tile is that way. It can be amazingly affordable flooring though. The expensive kinds just happen to be made out of all kinds of exotic materials.


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