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How I Became Spoiled By My 19 Inch Monitor

I have always enjoyed working on my personal computer at home more than my laptop or notebook computer because of the 19 inch monitor. I have adapted to using computers with smaller screens, but my PC has really spoiled me in the sense that I don’t have to squint or lean forward, ever! I can see everything on the screen perfectly clearly.

One of the great things about the 19 inch monitor is that I can see things from a far distance, which means that if I have to answer the phone or move for any reason, I can usually still see my computer. This may sound odd, but when I am instant messaging a person for business purposes and need to keep a regular conversation going with them, I can see when they have last posted so that I can get back on and respond. If I have to get up and do something, I can keep an eye on that sort of thing.

I also have the great fortune of having a 19 inch monitor on my computer at my work as a probation officer. This also comes in handy, because I can use the screen as a shield of sorts when other people walk by that I don’t really have time to talk to. They can still see me behind my screen, yes, but if my head is buried back there they are less likely to start up a conversation, because they can see that I am busy. It is also good for when I don’t really want to see probationers!

A 19 inch monitor is also phenomenal for watching videos. I like to go onto streaming web sites and watch music videos and television shows. I remember on one occasion, I actually found an entire movie that I watched on my 19 inch monitor that I did not have on DVD. It was not as good as watching it on my big screen television, but it was a lot better than watching it on a regular sized monitor or a laptop monitor, and I really enjoyed the movie. I even had my own little “commercial breaks” whenever I let the next part load up!

There are a lot of advantages to having a 19 inch monitor. I know that I always prefer to work on my PC at home or my work computer because of that. It is easier to see everything and it really almost feels like a television screen. I am not sure I could ever have a standard sized screen again and be completely satisfied.


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