Promotional Lanyards Offer a Swinging Marketing Solution For UK Businesses

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rinted lanyards, of course! Yes, those functional pieces of material and attached clip that you can hang your keys from or may be your mobile phone. Oh, and don’t forget identification tags and torches too, in fact lanyards are a multi-purpose piece of kit.

Stick your business or organisation’s logo onto a design, hand a load out and you’ve got yourself a pretty neat marketing tool. No self-respecting Printed Lanyards campaign can rely solely on the success of the humble lanyard, however, an increasing number of businesses are utilising the useful accessory to foster brand awareness.

Printed Lanyards: High Impact and Low-Costs

Let’s face it, most SME can’t realistically put aside a tidy sum to spend on hiring a bunch of PR gurus. Even some large firms baulk at the costs involved in entrusting a group of marketing experts to handle their campaigns.

So let’s say you’ve been presented with an item that offers high impact, and it’s available at a fraction of the price of putting together a bespoke creative. You wouldn’t pass that offer up, would you? Yes, it’s sensible to have a multi-channel approach to your company’s marketing, Promotional Lanyards but the ability to mass produce relatively inexpensive promotional lanyards is worth incorporating into your strategy.

Pick a Lanyard, Any Lanyard

Well, maybe not just ‘any’ lanyard, but that’s the thing: there are so many different materials and designs available to tailor towards your requirements, don’t forget you’re putting your business or organisation in the spotlight so make sure your branding really stands out.

There are numerous ways your company logo can be featured on a printed lanyard, and whether you want silk, polyester or organic cotton, there are a host of materials to choose from too. In fact, with regards to the latter, going for the eco-option might not be such a bad idea. Promoting your brand and enhancing your green credentials at the same time is likely to have a pretty positive impact.

While it’s advantageous to have a fully customisable layout it’s also important to maximise functionality too. Well, lanyards are useful, especially’s if at an event and you need something to hold your ID tag around your neck, But after everything has wound down, what are you going to do with it? How about a lanyard that you can hang keys from? Or clip a mobile phone onto? Essentially, if you’re going to invest in promotional lanyards they need to be seen as more than just a disposable item.

Your business needs to ensure they have a longer shelf-life than just a few days at a corporate function. With an eye-catching design and recognition of their multi-purpose value, promotional lanyards can be pretty effective.

Every time someone catches a glimpse of your company’s branding it acts as a gentle reminder of what you do. In addition, printed lanyards can also trigger an interest in a business if spotted by someone unfamiliar with your products.

They might be small but they’re simple, effective and relatively inexpensive. No wonder lanyards are getting lots of attention.


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