Arjun Was Beaten And Badly Injured-Mahabharata

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Arjun, the hero of the Mahabharata, during his wanderings in the forests, is said to have married Ulupi, the daughter of a Naga (cobra) chief and had a son by her named Iravant. Later, a Manipuri princess also bore Arjun a son, Babruwahan. Years later- the story goes-Arjun returned with a horse for Ashwamedhayagya. Conquering all the areas traversed by the horse he reached Manipur. His son Babruwahan came out to receive him. Arjun asked him to fight as required of princes. In the battle Arjun was beaten and badly injured. Ulupi, the Naga princess, is said to have arrived with medicinal herbs from the mountains and revived Arjun.

Nagaland and Manipur have long borders in the east with North Burma, with its proximity to China, while Tripura on three sides is surrounded by friendly Bangladesh.

Manipur’s picturesque green fertile valley with its large Loktak Lake is surrounded by hilly country with the higher mountains in the north. The rivers flow from north to south through deep gorges slowing down as they reach the pains of Imphal and disappearing into the valley of Burma.

The people of the Manipur Valley are orthodox Vaishnavite Hindus by religion

Sacred Tank of Kurukshetra

The state is dotted with innumerable mounds of cities and villages razed to the ground by the passage of time. All that remains to remind one that Lord Krishna imparted the Gita to Arjuna here is a sacred tank at Kurukshetra.

The government is trying to save this ancient monument. It has launched a project to restore the Ghats at Kurukshetra. It is providing rest-house and restaurants on all trunk routes and near historical and tourist spots.

Haryana borders Delhi on three sides and for citizens of the capital it offers excellent facilities for relaxation.
Haryana has much to offer to the anthropologist

Just 124 km away, on the Mathura Road, lies the Faridabad -Surajpur complex which includes a lake, a sun temple, bars restaurants and rest houses. On the Road to Jaipur there is the bird sanctuary of the Sultanpur where one can stay in a comfortable rest-house and watch the beauty of the winged world. The number and variety of Birds migration here is said to be larger than anywhere else in India. a little lie Sohna’s Sulphur springs at the foot of a spur of the Aravalli range.

Haryana has much to offer to the anthropologist. Here converge the fringe culture of Punjab, Himachal, UP. and Rajasthan. Its economy is closely linked with that of Delhi. Most of the territory lies between Delhi and Chandigarh.


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