Avoid Blind Dating

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Online dating becomes a great trend of this days and lot of people are interested in going dating with unknown persons using the online sites. We must be very careful while going this kind of dating. Some times this kind of blind dates will give some unwanted issues to us.

Recently i read an article in a site. The article writer is interested in online dating and went a blind date with an unknown person she enjoyed a lot with her date. Her partner is interested in taking some photos of their dating activity and she allowed it. He took some hot photos of that girl with her permission. Both of them enjoyed a lot with their dating.

They involved in dating for around 3 months, after some time they broke up due to some reasons and the person uploaded her hot photos in various sites. The girls friends and parents saw that photo and get shocked with her activity. The girl also very much depressed with this issue. After this she lost her faith in dating and avoid online dating.

There is nothing wrong in going dating with the person who is trustworthy. But we must be very careful while selecting our dating partner. Some times this kind of blind dating with give big issues in our life. We feel enjoyment and excitement at that time of dating. But it will become a life long head ache if our dating partner is not a good person. Blind dating is not a good activity. If you are dare for anything and every thing you can go for a blind dating with out hesitation.

Modern youngsters are very much interested in this kind of blind dates and spoil the culture and tradition with the name of dating. This kind of blind dating is not good for the country people who is having tradition and cultural heritage and following it forever.

What is your opinion about this? Do you think blind dating is good to make relationship? Do you ever involved in a blind dating and get more fun and excitement with it? What is your experience with dating as well as blind dating?


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