How To Be Successful In Your Golf Game

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Don’t Putter Around, Try These Excellent Golf Tips!

Golf is becoming a favorite sport of not only the elderly, but also the young and the middle aged alike. It is a calm and soothing outdoor game. It is, however, also a very complex and challenging game. If you want to reach the apex of your golf game, read this article.

When golfing, it is important to recognize that when you swing, you do not turn your entire body. Pivoting at the hips is important and your feet should ALWAYS stay set in one place as you carry all the way through your swing. This helps you stay aligned with the golf ball and effectively drive it down the fairway.

Do warm up exercises prior to hitting the green. If you don’t warm up properly, you will find that your swing isn’t up to speed. Raise your arms to your side, and swing them in ever increasing circles. After 15 seconds, switch direction. This will increase the blood flow to your shoulders and will help you to have a full range of motion resulting in an effortless swing.

If you lose your ball, take a little bit of time to try to find it before giving up, but avoid spending so much time that you cause your group to fall behind. It’s always a bummer to lose a ball out on the course, but if you spend too much time seeking that lost ball then you risk throwing your partners off of their rhythm while risking the wrath of the course marshal.

To stay warm and dry while playing golf, you can wear a golf sweater, a light windbreaker, and/or a light waterproof garment. You should not wear a heavy garment like an overcoat or parka. You should also avoid wearing any kind of outerwear that has the name of a team or business imprinted upon it.

Ensure a great time on the course even in wet weather by being prepared. Bring a golf umbrella, a couple extra towels for wiping your grips, and purchase full-body rain gear that will allow you the flexibility to take a full swing. If you are prepared for the rain, then you are sure to enjoy a great day even if the weather is foul.

Watching the pros golf on TV is a great way to improve your game, but it’s even better if you’re there in person. You can walk alongside the pros and really get a feel for what they’re doing to hone in on their game so methodically. The live atmosphere is great for learning.

Be open to accepting advice on golf from other people on the course or in the clubhouse. You’re always going to run across the proverbial know-it-all who will talk your ear off, but you will also meet some people willing to offer you sage advice on how you can avoid going over par on a certain hole or how you can improve your swing.

As previously mentioned golf is becoming a much more popular sport. It is a sport that is now no longer confined to the elderly. Though it is a difficult game to master, with the right practice and the right advice, one can become very apt at playing golf which makes it more enjoyable.


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