Left4Dead, a survival campaign guide for noobs

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About Left4Dead

Left4Dead. Man, what an amazing game. Left4Dead is a first person shooter, which takes place in a zombie apocalypse. There are 4 survivors that you play as, and the goal of the game is to survive through out the levels, and make it to the end of the game, where help finally arrives. It is created by Valve, and this is no doubt, the best online Co-Op game there is to play.


Now, how to not die – just don’t die. Isn’t that helpful? No? Okay then, off to the longer ways of explaining.

If you are low on health, don’t waste your med pack right away when your health is in the yellow, wait till your heal is in the read, or if your screen is seeing black and white. (the black and white screen indicates that if you get knocked down one more time, you’re down for the count.)

Stay with the group!! Don’t do wondering off all by yourself, 98% chance, you’ll get pounced by a hunter, grabbed by a smoker, or vomited on a boomer. You cannot defend them off on your own, unless you’re an experienced player – and even the pros make mistakes like this. As long as you’re in a group, and keep moving, you should be just fine. 

~~~~~Special Infected~~~~


The smoker, he can be quite annoying at times. Such as when you’re on a high platform defending off a horde. Then suddenly a smoker wraps his tongue around you, drags you, and you’re dead meat. What you can do to prevent this, is to keep a very close eye on all of your teammates, listen for some “coughing” in the background, that indicates there is a smoker near by, and look for yellow smoking sensations in the shadows, that indicates that there is a smoker standing there, if one of your teammates gets grabbed by a smoker, simply melee your teammate, and they’re free.


Okay, the boomers can just be plain out annoying. Their main attack is to vomit on you, this triggers an enormous horde to attack you in a matter of seconds, try to avoid being vomited on. To track a boomer, keep your ears open for burping sensations in the background, if you happen to see a boomer right in front of you, don’t panic, simply just melee them away, and shoot them at a safe distance. If you shoot the right in front of you, you get vomit all over you.


The hunters really aren’t that big of a nuisance – as long as you stick together. Their main attack is to pounce on you – leaving you for dead, unless a team mate is able to kill the hunter and help you up. Another ability of the hunter, is their wall jumping, and their high hops, other than what I’ve just told you, they should be tank.


Oh, goody goody gum drops, the tank. Most annoying special infected there is. Why? Because he a mutated Hulk. If you see a tank, check to see if you have any molotovs on you, this is the tanks weakness – fire. When you throw the molotov at the tank, the tank should automatically die in 30 seconds, if not more. Try to stay clear of the tank at all times, run away and unleash your ammo on him at the same time. If the tank hits you, he takes a big chunk of your health, let that be him punching you, or throwing rocks at you.


There will be times in the game, where you have to defend yourself from a huge horde of zombies. The best thing to do is get into the nearest corner, and melee spam. When there is a big enough gap after the melee spam, simply unleash your ammo on them, when the gap begins to close again, just repeat the process of melee spamming.


Witches can be very easy or kill – or very hard for the inexperienced. If you come in contact with the witch, you can either A.) throw a molotov at her, causing her to burn, then you just run away while your other team mates unleash hell on or, B.) shoot her from a long distance, then run away as your team mates -once again- unleash hell on her, or C.)…this can only be done if you have a Shotgun, or an Auto-Shotgun.(preferably the auto shotgun) when you see the witch crying, undisturbed, all you have to do is run up to her with fall speed, and stop to the point where she is right in front of you. Keep your auto shotgun pointed at her, don’t shoot till she begins to get agitated. When she begins to start making groaning noises, that’s your chance to unleash hell on her, pack her full of bullets, she should die in 4 seconds.

Well, that’s my guide, I hope this helped many of you – Happy gaming! And show those pros what you’re made of! 🙂 


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