How to Get Ink Out of Carpet

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I was recently unfortunate enough to track something in the house from storage that I wasn’t aware had ink on it. Ink has to be one of the absolute scariest stains to have to face. To make things worse my carpet is very light colored so I had no room for error. I had no idea where to start so before I did anything to the ink spots I got online and started looking for direction. I found some advice that seemed to be good but made sure to cross reference it with more solutions. Finally I had something that seemed to be consistent:

Get a white towel that you don’t care about ruining or a paper towel.

Only applying pressure straight down and making sure NOT to rub in circular motions dab off excess ink until the stain is dry.

Now grab a clean towel that you don’t mind ruining and dampen it with rubbing alcohol.

Dab down on a small area of carpet to make sure no discoloration occurs.

If the carpet passes the test unaffected repeatedly dab down on stained area making sure only to apply pressure straight down without rubbing.

In a small bowl or cup prepare some dish washing soap with a 4-1 mixture of water.

Repeat a dab test on unstained area of carpet looking for discoloration.

If no discoloration occurs continue treatment to the stained area.

Again make sure to only apply pressure straight down making sure not to rub.

Check the towel to see if the stain is transferring.

If the stain lifts off completely dry and vacuum carpet.

If not add some more rubbing alcohol and dish washing mixture to the towel and set over stain.

Place a heavy weight over the top of the towel and let set overnight.

This method worked for me and my multiple stained areas. Most of the stains came out pretty quickly while a few I had to use the weighted overnight method witch eventually worked. With any problem just stay cool and find a source who knows what they are doing that can help you and take it from there. I thought for sure my carpet was doomed but come to find out this was a problem I could handle and looking at my carpet right now you would never suspect that any ink has ever touched even one fiber of my beautiful clean light colored carpet.


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