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The International Labour Organization (ILO) was

created in 1919 bringing governments, employers

and trade unions together, to work for social justice

and better living and working conditions. Fifty years

later, in 1969, it received the Nobel Peace Prize in recognition

of its commitment to the goal of equality and justice

for all.

The ILO is not widely known, especially outside of

labour and trade union circles. It is the lead United Nations

(UN) agency specializing in labour rights, and has a mandate

which encompasses a range of socio-economic

issues. The ILO has been actively engaged in protecting

and promoting human rights, but its work in this field has

been largely overlooked and it has not been given due

attention as a viable forum for issues other than labour

questions. The ILO’s work has centred on, but not been

limited to, the working environment, and included issues

such as forced labour, freedom of association, migrant

workers, night work, social security, etc. But it has also

been working on children, discrimination, gender, and

indigenous peoples and minorities – issues that many people

would not automatically associate with the working


The ILO’s strength can be seen in the international

Treaties it has adopted. They are based on general topics

which are common to many countries, and can be applied

all over the world. ILO Treaties identify minimum standards

to help guide work at the national level, and have

been used to encourage the development of domestic legislation

and labour codes to improve the protection of

labour rights.1

The ILO has also set up a system to monitor the application

of its standards (i.e. international legal standards

or instruments – to include Conventions, Treaties etc).

This system includes a number of bodies and processes

to assess the extent to which a country is meeting its

international obligations. In this way, attention has been

drawn to various human rights abuses, including child

labour issues in Brazil and India, forced labour in

Burma, and the position of women in Afghanistan.


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