Learning English While Playing Games

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-Lock and load!

-I’m gonna camp B!

-I’m with ye!

-The commander is down; repeat; the commander is down!

Sounds familiar? Do you know why?

Every word that we hear in our favorite game will remain in our mind forever! The fact that games have an enormous effect on the player’s mind is an undeniable one.

Now can be asked if we can utilize the games for learning English or any other language? The answer is yes! The English learning process in close future will be a fun and easy game for students.

But there are some other tips for learning English that bring great results. Here’s part of the learning tips:

  1. Know thyself! Know your way; know why you want to learn English and what you’re going to be. Before you decide to go somewhere, you have to know your destination. You can’t drive away towards English, without knowing what you really want and where you really wanna go. If you like to talk to people, you must practice your listening and speaking skills more. If you like to be a translator, you have to focus on reading and grammar skills more, and so on.

  2. Love your new language and dream about it! Imagine yourself making a speech in English for hundreds of people. Imagine that you are very good at speaking, and you understand other people’s talk. Consider yourself as a very interesting person while talking in English, the way everyone is enjoying your English and is willing to have a nice chat with you if you agree.

  3. Never stop learning! Never stop learning, because every time you quit learning, you go back to the beginning point. Your mind needs your constant push to get used to your new language.

  4. Don’t be afraid of mistakes! When you don’t understand an English talk, don’t make sighs, but make hurrahs instead, because you’ve found a new thing to learn! Any problem, in the way of learning English, is a solution for you to become better.

  5. Do NOT restrict yourself to a certain method! Any English thing must be your teacher. Welcome any method that works for you. Do not bound yourself to few books. If I were you, I would never miss any trustable source to learn a thing from it. And if you were me, you would never pay a penny to learn English, since today internet is the fountain of free English for us!

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