How to Get Bigger Arms

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Do you want bigger arms? Want to bust those sleeves and fill up that polo shirt? Good, then you’re in the right place. Big arms are not only a nice way to turn heads; they are also great for making everyday functions easier.

A lot of people out there are lost and only give their biceps attention when in fact the triceps are a much larger area and need to be worked in order to increase the overall volume of your arms. Make sure to do a variety of different exercises to hit the muscles in different ways. Remember the key to muscle growth and change in the body is shock. Make sure to enforce strict form with every rep. Focus on the muscle and squeeze with every lift.

Bigger arms need protein!

This is so important I need to make sure I’m loud and clear to everyone out there so hold tight this may get redundant. You NEED to get enough protein to support your muscles. Protein is what your muscles are built of. Body building without protein is like building a house without wood. There is no difference at all. Protein is exactly that important. Protein is not a supplement to building muscle protein is muscle. Meat is a great source of protein because meat is animal muscle and animal muscle is protein.

How much protein for Bigger Arms?

You want to make sure to get at very least 1 gram of protein for every lb you weigh. Some people go as high as 2 but I personally think that’s over kill and this is a highly debated subject. I recommend going as high as 1.8 grams of protein for every lb you weigh per day.

How often to consume Protein for Bigger Arms?

Consume your protein throughout the day with at least six meals. If you over consume protein in one sitting your body will not deliver the over kill to your muscles and it will simply turn it into waste.

A trick for Bigger Arms without definition

If you want big arms and don’t care about definition you will want to take your protein with a simple carbohydrate (sugar). This will increase hormone production and stimulate more muscle growth. This can also lead to more fat production so if you want definition it would be better to stay away from this strategy.

These were just some simple guidelines for getting bigger arms.


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