How we Can Try to be Positive

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Not only that i am felt shame for myself.not only drugs some works are like that which ever felt you guilty and it is like that which never been escape you all the full life from when you understood your mistakes and you will burning and this panics  is made your life hell..Though we are not angel we are human, human can mistakes its may be common but if you are really a man who have some  humanities in your heart then some works are really you never forgot that feels your self that you are a low minded people who can did somethings like that what has no marcey actually.
so i suggesting all the people please never done anythings which make you feels guilty for ever to yourself that is a very very tough punishment.its also my request. okay let we discuss about how we can be positive

 The occasional case of the blues is normal, but that does not make dealing with it any easier. If you allow  negative thoughts can fester and lead to serious depression.Then it is important to take action as soon as possible  to bust yourself out of a slump.

While these suggestions won’t eliminate your problems,but they may be can help you break a negative thought  and stop feeling depressed. If you think you might have a serious mental health problem, do not  hesitate to see a medical professional

1. Know about  the emotional cycle –  Some days you may be feel like nothing can stop you and other days you may feel  hopeless. Most of the time you are somewhere in between. Understanding  positive and negative emotions will help your feelings in perspective. Remember that it is a natural emotion that will timely inevitably pass. Understand it  that a feeling of depression is common only temporary makes it less dreadful.

2. Reflect on your past success –  It is always very easy to forget everything you have ever done right. Think a few minutes to remember of your past accomplishments . What made you successful before? What are your strengths? This exercise will build your self confidence and help you sort out what went wrong, and help generating ideas for success in the future.

3..Always try to Spend time with positive people –If you are always surrounded by negative people, then  natural that you will start to think and also be feel the same way. For improving your look on life Nothing affects the way you think and feel more than the people you interact with. Thoughts both positive and negative are contagious Always try to spend time with positive people and avoid negative people. Find out positive people and try to understand the ways that they see the world.

4.  Some times break your daily routine – Going through the same routine, day after day  is depressing. Temporarily change your routine to get out of it if  you need. If you can, take a day off from work. Do something you do not normally have time for or like something  have never tried you. In the long run, taking a day off  get out of slump will make you happier and more productive.

5.  Try to change of scenery – When you get in a slump, you start to associate your problems with everything around you. It can get to the point where your environment is a constant reminder of your problems. This can be a dangerous cycle. The solution is to change things.
One of the best way to  change your environment. This change can be many ways up, adding more lights, may be including pleasant decorations can completely change the mood of a room.

6. Focus on gratitude – It is our nature to measure ourselves against those ahead of us on the social ladder. Studies have shown that people care more about being richer than their friends than actually making more money. When you consider everything good in your life and compare it to the problems of less fortunate people, the issue that is making you depressed won’t seem as serious.

7. Get moving – Moving to a  Hitting the gym or going for a walk can help you shed the lethargy that comes with feeling depressed. The more enthusiastic your moments, the better you will start to feel.

8. Thinking about the big picture – What matters is the present moment and enjoying every second of life that we are blessed with.. In the long run, everything we do will probably be forgotten. Some might find this depressing, but it should not be. It means that all our problems are illusory. In a million years no one will remember what you did or did not do.

9.  Learn from animals and nature – It is very  funny when you consider how humans put so much importance on their own  problems. Animals do not think this way. A little bird does not mope around because it is not an eagle or because another big bird beat it . Animals live in the present moment and they show love unconditionally. Observing and interacting with them will help you get over your problems.

10. Do for something to help yourself – The best way to stop feeling depressed is to take action from yourself. What is your biggest problem? How can you alleviate it? Once you decide to stop moping all this and start moving forward really  you won’t have time to feel depressed. Action will occupy your mind and give you something to look forward. Once you get some positive results, positive thinking will keep getting easier.

Try my friends be a positive human its not only good for you it also good for society. How many years we live? and do you know when somethings happening with you? So live for today and it must positively when you look your  inside of heart that time  if you see it is bright and white there is no any sketch or if as a human have some sketches feel sorrow from heart it will be clean  then you are lucky otherwise if you see your heart black try to clean it must happen and who does not want to see there heart i do not talk about them.


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