Avoidant Personality Disorder

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 Well, an enduring prototype of feeling bashfulness, insufficiency, and sensitivity to denunciation is mental health condition known as avoidant personality disorder.

Common Symptoms of Avoidant Personality Disorder

Generally, a person with avoidant personality disorder may have the feeling of discomfort when people burst with criticism or disapproval of them. They are very possessive once they are involved in intimate relationships. They are hesitant to mingle other people avoiding of uncomfortable feeling. They have very low interpersonal skills especially in the activities or jobs that involve appearances. In social situations, they are afraid to show up because of the fear of doing something wrong. They have difficulty of expressing oneself especially when they make potential difficulties that might worsen his or her personality. They feel that they are not socially equipped and chain with inferiority complex. Since shortcomings dominate in their mind, people with avoidant personality disorder have low self-esteem and self-confidence. In connection to this, they depend or form relationship with other people that will accept him or her and the rejection is out of their sphere. For them, loss and rejection are so excruciating that can destroy their morale and dignity that is why they choose to be sheltered in loneliness rather than keeping in touch with others.

Major Cause

If it is not properly address by some psychological intervention, people having avoidant personality disorder will have problems in workplace and relationships. In the workplace, when there are social gatherings, they cannot communicate well to others and it might be misinterpreted because of this disorder. It will only distress both the patient and employers and it will develop disproportion atmosphere for work. In intimate relationships, it can create barriers for openness and communication. This will lead to miscommunication and grief which will end the relationship into broken pieces of earthen jar. Relationships to family members are also affected and if the members are not matured enough to understand the condition will only worsen the situation. Both males and females have equal share in about 1% of the population having avoidant personality disorder. Although the prevalence of disorder is very alarming, the cause is under research and studies to raise awareness about it are very tremendous.


There are ways to overcome the rejection experienced of a person having avoidant personality disorder through antidepressant medications. However, talk therapy (psychotherapy) is highly regarded to be the most effectual treatment for this condition. While in helping patient understand their thoughts and feelings, psychodynamic psychotherapy is advisable to apply. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) enhances thinking ability and behavioral formation of the patient. For effective treatment, a combination of medicinal intake and talk therapy has proven to be more effective than either treatment alone.


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