Antisocial Personality Disorder Review

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It is kind of disorder that the main source of anger and hatred is the society. A person who benefits from the goodness of society is actually the main adversary of a person with antisocial personality disorder. 

Common Symptoms of Antisocial Personality Disorder

A person with antisocial personality disorder has the ability to act witty and charming, very good at flattery and manipulation of others, the law is repeatedly broken, disrespect and dishonesty against others, abusive in using drugs and substance, has no repentance of actions done and always livid and egotistical.

Major Cause

Since time immemorial, the origin of antisocial personality is still unexplored. Assumptions on related factors like genetic and family upbringing have something to do to the advancement of this mental state. Although traits are generally based on the genetic patterns of the parents, it is believed that the behavior of being an antisocial is acquired through past experiences. People with antisocial and alcoholic background are most likely to develop this kind behavior. A history of killing could be possibly repeated if the existing behavior is not seriously polished. Antisocial personality could be possibly traced as early as they are young. Children who are fond of hurting or disrespecting animals at their tender age could be one of the manifestations of a violent person. Inflicting pain to others is normal to them and this could lead to habitual action and eventually deliver them into higher form of violence. The development of antisocial personality nowadays is greatly influenced by the films watched by the children or online games that flaunt violence which is very enticing them to play especially if they win battles over the opponent that is helpless and powerless. Though antisocial personality disorder is less severe than psychopathic personality (psychopathy), still this could harm people and threatened peace and order.


Since antisocial personality disorder is equated to the criminals, it is considered as one of the most difficult personality disorders to treat. It entails proper time and medication intervention and the adaptation of most effective and efficient program is required. People with antisocial personality disorder have no initiative to submit oneself into treatments or rehabilitation. The court is the only governing body authorized to decide whether a person with antisocial personality disorder is required to undergo therapies or not. It does not guarantee that once the patient with antisocial personality disorder has been treated with medications, it could recover from the disorder. However, negligence of the disorder could lead to more dangerous complications like incarceration, illicit drug and substance abuse, violence and harassment as well suicidal. A cross-examination and psychological evaluation of patient’s medical history and severity of symptoms is considered prior to the diagnosis. It is a valid basis that a person must have had conduct disorder during childhood.


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