Avoid Hatered

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It is easy to hate some person due to some reasons, but it is really hard to remove the hatred. We must be kind and good to others to get their love and affection. It is impossible to get all persons affection, because different kind of persons having different kind of thoughts, opinion and taste and live their life based on it.

We all try to get the love and affection of our friends and family members, some times some of our family members are friends hate us due to some of our mistakes. It is easy to get this kind of hatred, but hard to come out from this kind of issues. If some of our family members hate us, really it will give a great pain to us.

Sometimes we too hate some of our family members due to some reason and wish to keep distance from them. But it is hard if we live in the same house. We can avoid their relationship fully if we are living far away from them, but our inner heart always think about the person, if s/he is our brother, sister or other important relation. No one don’t have the ability to forget about their blood relation fully, as we spend a lot of time with our family members.

There is nothing wrong in forgiving our family member or sibling for their silly mistakes and little faults, if their mistake is big, it is hard to forgive them. But we must try our maximum to forget about the issue and forgive them. Since they are our blood relation and we are in need to face them in our life at some special occasions, if we grow up the hatred, there is no benefits with it as well as it will spoil the relationship.

We are the boss of our feeling and emotion, thoughts and opinion. We have the ability to control and win over them. So avoid hatred and try to forgive your friends and relations for their mistakes and give second chance to them. It will help you to keep your relationship for a long time.


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