The Gun in America

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 During my last visit to Chicago, my cousin showed me a brand new shot gun. I admired the weapon, but I also knew that my cousin was not an arms man, in the sense that he knew nothing of guns and had not even fired one in his lifetime. I was intrigued and asked him about his new found love for shotguns. He replied that he still had no love for guns, but the environment in America was such that he needed one to defend himself. As far as learning to handle the gun was concerned he would pick up the nuances at one of the many private schools and ranges in the city.

A look at America now perhaps justifies my cousin for buying a weapon. It has been calculated that the response time for the police to intervene is an average of 11 minutes, but sometimes with death just seconds away an average American will be justified in exercising his right of private defense. More over the 2ndamendment has opened the gates for an American citizen to bear arms for his protection. The result is that carrying guns even to the drinking bars, churches, schools and college campuses and even offices is now allowed in a number of states. Taking guns to a house of god or a place of learning is bizarre enough, but the cake is being allowed to take one to your workplace as well.  This is an open invitation to violence.

What is the result of this? America is prone to violence. There is no justification that 98% of the gun owners are peaceful people. It is the remaining 2% that unleash violence and the result is mass killings in churches and college campuses. The age of the Wild West has not gone away. Thus an average American feels it prudent to own a weapon to defend him. This is a sad thing as America is the base of freedom and these guns are drawback to US culture. One wonders where America is heading. In hindsight my cousin though a man op peace is right in owning a gun for his protection. Death in America is seconds away when the guns start firing


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