Love And Emotionally Shattered Single Women

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 The news papers are reporting that the suicide of model Babajee has again been reopened. Her lover Karan Kakkar had got an clean chit earlier, but now is again on the scanner. Babajee, it must be remembered had committed suicide and had written a note saying that Karan had emotionally killed her.

 Babajee was a lonely women and her career as a model was also failing when she ran into Karan Kakkar. Love is a unique emotion that has been understood and written about by poets and writers. Even psychologists have added their own interpretations. Freud reduced it a hidden desire for sex. But despite this it is phenomena that cannot be predicted when it will occur. But then it just happens, but it cannot be denied that there are occasions when a person is prone to these affairs.

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 Love is an emotional need and I have seen that single women, spinsters and divorcees are more in the need of this emotional prop. Hence the chance that these women will give themselves up to a man is that much more than a contented and happily married woman. This is one of the peculiarities of human emotion and it cannot be quantified. I have known of women emotionally broken been won over by men. Some of the men are emotional crooks whose sole aim is to bed the woman. Should such a man be faulted? For sex is a human need. There is no easy answer to this question as the driving force for a man is sex as brought by Hegel and Kant. This was accepted by Freud and modern psychoanalysis’s also prove the truth of this axiom.

 But the bottom line is that playing with the emotions of a shattered woman is bad.  Man is not an animal in the accepted sense  as he has a higher intellect  and as such a man is expected to  use his reason and judgement.There have been many cases where men have slept with emotionally shattered women and then left them resulting in suicide by the woman. Perhaps social workers and psychologists may like a look at this aspect of a woman’s mental make up, Babajee was one such case , but there are tens on the scanner.


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