8 Mile, Super Awesome or Awesome?

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     How would I judge the 8 mile is a very good question. In this article, I will tell you my opinion on Eminem’s story known as 8 Mile.

     The 8 Mile Is a movie with Eminem in it. Here is a summary and review of it

     In my opinion, he is one of the best rappers worldwide. Eminem was born to be a rapper. His nick name was rabbit. In this movie, it shows how his real life was. He was living on the poor side of Detroit. In the beginning of the movie, he failed to show his rapping skills to a crowd. Rabbit was very poor. He was broke. He had next to no money, but he lived life as well as anyone could. Throughout the movie, he slowly builds up confidence. Even though he was beaten and he had no place to live (other than his mom’s trailer), he still kept trying.

     Eminem is and was not known to give up. He would not back down. During the movie, there are some points where he shows his awesome talent. He is not only good at writing rap songs, but he can freestyle rap, and his metaphors are out of this world. Eminem has one of the most interesting talents in the world. He found a new way to rap, and now people want to rap just like him. However, one thing I have to tell you is that you shouldn’t try to rap like someone else, instead try to be like Eminem in the way that you’re starting a unique way to rap.

     Now we’re back to my review. Eminem finally came back at the end and destroyed his opponents in the freestyle rap battles. He proved to be the best freestyle rapper in 313. That was how the movie ended. He just went back to work. However, when the end of the movie came, his first hit song was played that explained his whole story.

     So in conclusion, 8 Mile was neither super awesome nor just awesome. It was extremely unexplainably amazing. The best movie I’ve seen by far. So everything else I have to say is watch this movie now (if you haven’t already), you won’t regret it.


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