Lack in Socializing

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Some people will move smoothly with their family members, friends and known members, but they don’t have the ability to move with unknown strangers. Even they don’t dare to speak with unknown persons and feel shy or reserved while seeing a new person. This kind of persons are lack in socializing and not interested in moving with others in a friendly manner. 

If you are one among this kind of person, you have the ability to change your self by changing your activity and attitude. Mostly this kind of persons are reserved and not interested in making friendship with new persons, but this activity is wrong. All our friends are complete strangers at the beginning and we make friendship with them by interacting with them. Mostly this kind of persons will look forward for strangers to talk with them. Some strangers are very friendly and talk with this kind of person freely, after that they make friendship with them. But what will they do if the strangers are also in this sort?

There is nothing wrong in being social and  making friendship easily with other people. In fact it is the attitude whichever everyone like and want. Don’t make best friendship with strangers, as well as don’t avoid talking with them. Try your maximum to talk with every one and consider them as your friend. Don’t think that you meet the person for the first time, think that you already met that person and have conversation with him/her. This kind of attitude will help you to take with the new person freely without hesitation and help you to make a friendship with them.

Don’t make deep friendship until understanding the person fully. Just make a casual friendship and have fun with the new person to pass your time. Some times we are in need to wait for some thing like public transport or paying bills. At that time we can see a lot of people are waiting in queue with us, there is nothing wrong in talking with the persons whoever waiting with us and making friendship with them to pass our time, by this activity we can come to know about some new thing from our new friend. Be a social person and come out from unsocial activities.


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