Questions To Streamline Your Keyword Research

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It’s time for the primary meeting with the client. you’ll be a seasoned search marketer, however you’re still slightly nervous. How does one achieve that excellent balance of obtaining the data you wish whereas still exuding an aura of consummate professionalism, knowledge, and usually create yourself appear to be the search Dalai Lama?

Dalai Lama (of keyword research?)

First, notice that the important Dalai Lama feels no ought to prove himself, he simply *is*. Project an aura of confidence, and notice the foremost elusive concept in our business. it’s not regarding you, it’s regarding the client.

Sidebar: though you’re an in-house marketer, you’ll still use these techniques. faux your VP of Product Development or somebody equally entrenched within the product/service is your “customer”.

Similarly, that initial meeting ought to be all regarding the client. this is often your best probability to urge an outsider’s perspective of how your client views their product and what language they use to explain them.

After this initial meeting, you’ll be an insider, and asking a number of these queries can create it appear to be you don’t understand what you’re doing. therefore let your client do most of the talking.

As you hear the answers, jot down key phrases, jargon, and abbreviations they use to tell your keyword analysis later. Don’t forget to raise them to clarify something you don’t perceive.

Note that this is often by no suggests that an exhaustive list of queries you must be asking; simply a sample of queries for keyword analysis functions.

Question 1: I’ve reviewed your web site, and have learned regarding your business. but it forever helps to listen to you justify it in your own words. So, Mr. Customer, how would you describe what you do?

The answer to the current is probably going to be an equivalent words you browse on their web site or see during a brochure. denote any jargon that you simply don’t perceive, as this can set the stage for later, once you tell them they have to alter the means they describe their product.

Question 2: In your opinion, what’s it that creates your product/service special? What differentiates you from your competitors?

These are their worth propositions; the key parts that require to return across on their pages to compel a conversion. If one in all them is that they provide rock bottom value, then you recognize to analysis keyword modifiers like [cheap], [low cost], [price]. Alternatively, if they’re not low value, you recognize to avoid these keyword modifiers. a lot of on this in my next article.

Question 3: What does one suppose are similar services/products that you simply don’t contemplate competitors?

The keywords that start during this answer can assist you refine the analysis. Often, keywords that are terribly similar might have a totally totally different that means during a explicit clients’ business.

For example, “phone lines” and “phone trunks” are terribly totally different and every charm to a definite target market. You’ll solely need to explore the correct one in your analysis.

Question 4: that products/services are most profitable for you? Are there alternative reasons (inventory, seasonality, location) that you simply would need to push one product/service over another?

Again, the solution to the current question can facilitate focus your analysis. pay the foremost time expanding and refining the product that the consumer indicates are most significant. this may generally prevent from exploring a whole product line, if the client says one thing like, “Product A could be a necessary evil. we’ve to hold it, however we tend to even have {to price|to value} it below cost.”

Obviously, that’s not a region you wish to target. You’ll embody some keywords to be thorough, however you’ll pay a lot of of some time on the “money” keywords.

Question 5: What does one suppose are your prime 10 most significant keywords?

Ask for 10 keywords. the rationale for this is often that some customers suppose they have to rank for his or her entire keyword universe of one thousand × 10100 keywords.

On the flip aspect, there are shoppers that suppose they solely ought to rank for one keyword and it’ll solve all their issues. likelihood is that that’s a nearly unattainable keyword like “tablet”. This question can assist you verify which sort your client is, additionally as allow you to understand what keywords completely should be included in your final analysis.


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