Tips For The Best Man to Write a Wedding Toast

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It is in fact a moment of sentiment, as you have to stand up and address a toast to the bride and groom, amongst 100’s of guests. There is definite pressure as all attention is on you, during those 2 minutes of your speech. You cannot afford to mess it up all, it might sound tough but it is not. Writing a great and meaningful toast is all about creativity and simplicity.

You have to be a bit patient and a little hardworking. This is because the groom has been chosen you to be his Best Man after a lot of thinking and discerning, he must have something good about you in his mind. So, you cannot be reluctant and just deliver some hand written speech. Have the faith and give a speech, whereby every word is simply wishing luck, and love to the newly weds.

So, what you have to do first while preparing the speech?

To begin with you should jot down all your thoughts about the to-be wedded couple quite freely, relating your relationship with them, especially with the groom. Write these questions and try to answer them first:

  • How are they known to you?

  • Why were you chosen to be the Best Man?

  • In describing individual bride and groom, what are the first few adjectives that streams into your mind?

  • Groom’s state prior to the meeting of his bride and how much has he changed after meeting her?

  • How did they meet each other?

  • How were you told about the bride by the groom?

  • If you happen to be a married person, then how would you give some marriage tips and advice to the couple?

  • Can you relate to any special event or anecdotes to illustrate either the groom or the bride?

  • Go through sample wedding toasts and jot down few simple ones, just in case that is!

After writing and answering all, you have to utilize them into some entertaining yet heartfelt toasts.

The Beginning: First you have to begin by giving a brief introduction about yourself, since all present in the room would not know you. It is suggested to excuse you and ask for their attention. Then, introduce yourself and tell about your relationship with the groom. If you want the attention of the guests, it would great if you crack a joke or something or even quote something funny related to marriage. Prior to the speech’s end don’t forget to give thanks to the host, parents traditionally that of the bride’s and if the couple is paying themselves for everything in the wedding, then just say that “we are all delighted” or something “to be present in this beautiful occasion”.

The mid: In this stage all the above notes that you had written would be applicable. It would be good if you tell something funny, or a hilarious story related to the couple, or either of them. However, this should not be anything humiliating, and you should keep that in mind. Talk about your opinion of love, marriage, union etc tell story or even talk about the changes that has occurred via their relationship. Since, you are the Best Man; you ought be close and know the groom much better but always maintain a balanced toast and speak about both the bride and the groom.

Avoid long speeches, as others won’t be interested in your ramble. One major no-no in a speech is, talking about ex-girlfriends or relationships. You should simply avoid it along with adult content, since the guests would be inclusive of elderly people and children. Lastly, remember that sincerity always takes you a long way, so if you speak from the heart and be honest about everything, then nothing would be wrong!
Closing of the speech:
It is advisable to end your toast or the Best Man speech with a traditional toast, wish or also a blessing for the couple. Raise the glass of champagne or wine with congratulations, salute or cheers resounding and then remember to take a sip of the toast.

It would be better if you write the toast on a note, card or paper etc and then practice for sometime. Try to avoid reading directly from the paper or note. You can also ask some other friend present in the room to provide you with some feedback. After this, you can relax and enjoy the rest of the evening.

Toast delivering tips: In spite of being nerve racked and jittery, don’t forget to deliver your speech clearly and loudly. It will be easy because there would be a microphone, hopefully. You got to do some enunciation. Believe it or not, it is completely worse case and useless to hear a few minutes of continuous rambling!

Drinking a lot prior to your speech is bad. You might take a drink for loosening up or something but avoid drinking like a fish. You would only make a mockery of yourself and nothing.

Avoid reading from the card directly since the words are meant to be heartfelt not by heart! Paraphrase the words and lines that you have written and maintain a sentiment. You can have the notes as prompters but don’t forget to lose eye contact with the present people, to whom you are talking to. If you happen to lose the paper or note or you get too nervous, then simply give your congratulations to the newly weds or even a cheer but don’t go blank!

You must have been told to stand straight and never slouch. Well, it is also necessary during the deliverance of your speech.


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