How to Promote Your Blog Using Branding

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Certain merchandise and services simply keep in your mind.  How do they are doing it? How do they stand out from the crowd?


Branding may be a thanks to build your blog memorable and recognizable.  It involves taking multiple parts of your blog – your content, your look – and creating all keep in line with one another.

Mainly, then, it’s regarding repetition. however watch out, as a result of there’s a delicate distinction between repetition and redundancy.

When you initial produce your blog, little doubt you picked a selected theme.  Cooking, maybe, or technology or sports, whatever.  Branding goes to a small degree bit any, though, and includes things just like the tone you write with and also the layout and colours of your style.  All of those things have to be compelled to come back along to make one distinctive package.

To start branding your blog, you wish to use a selected style, theme and repetition that facilitate your “brand”, or style, stick out to your readers.

Here are some steps you’ll take:

1. opt for your subject and your angle

Pick one thing that you simply recognize lots regarding which you’re smitten by.  Let your enthusiasm for the topic bleed into your writing. this may facilitate your readers get excited regarding what you’re saying and keep them coming for additional.

Say your subject is cooking.  There are other ways you’ll quote cooking. as an example, you’ll write from the purpose of read of a mother making an attempt to search out healthy ways in which to feed her family, or maybe from the purpose of read of a vegan searching for tasty recipes. the topic “cooking” may be a very little too broad, however if you stop and take into account what quite “angle” you’re writing from – and this can rely upon who you’re – then you’ll take an additional step towards developing your distinctive whole.

2. consider your audience

What form of audience are you wanting to attractiveness to? totally different individuals are interested in differing kinds of themes. maybe you’ll desire a additional “cutesy” theme, or maybe a technical theme.

3. build your layout match your subject

Two blogs may well be regarding cooking, however one might need a additional refined, high category look whereas another might need a additional fun and homey form of look.  Your layout is very important for making an environment, and you wish to form certain that that atmosphere matches your writing vogue and also the goals of your

4. produce a emblem

The logo ought to match your layout (or you’ll style a layout that matches your logo). the emblem may be a KEY part to branding.


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