Forced out…kicked out…good riddance!

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Remember a while back when headlines mentioned that Chad Michael Murray might not be returning to One Tree Hill next season because of his shocking words, “They’re not bringing me back next year…because they want to save money. They want to save money, please. No offense, if they wanted to save money, they wouldn’t be kicking the show’s main character off. I love them to death but it would be Sophia Bush (Brooke) or Hilarie Burton (Peyton). Chad Michael Murray also stated, “See, this is what all the fans should do online, is start blogging and being pissed off that they don’t want that. That’s what they should do.” Does he want his fans to do his dirty work for him? I mean…seriously…come on. He’s just pissed off that the show is pissed off with him and he wants everyone of his fans to be 100% behind to prove the production/casting office is wrong and of course that he’s right…well Chad, this is your wake-up call…and it’s karma’s a bitch.

The Bethany Joy OTH Fans (my fan-based One Tree Hill website think that Chad Michael Murray deserves to be kicked off the show. Although that may be a shock to you CMM fans, you do have to realize that the character personalities portrayed on the show are NOTHING like the actor’s themselves 55% of the time. Bethany Joy Galeotti is a sweetheart and Sophia Bush is such a great person to be around so where does that leave Chad Michael Murray? An ass-hole on set pretty much covers it. He is really unappreciative, rude, and really careless. I’m really surprised that his true colors haven’t been seen by the thousands that love him. Blinded by love I guess. Although he will not be returning to the show, I must admit that the storyline might be a little sketchy since the main character is leaving but hey if so…so be it…I say good riddance!



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